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    [edited by] Henry Cohen.
    Summary: A case-based approach to teaching students how to design accurate dosing regimens.

    Amiodarone and dronedarone / Ahmed M. Abdelhady, Dustin Spencer, and Brian R. Overholser
    Aminoglycoside pharmacokinetics / Manny Saltiel, Serina Tart, Kelly A. Killius, Tracey H., Truesdale, Danielle Perrodin, Nicole D. Verkleeren, Erica Maceira, Christy Vaughan, and Angela M. Plewa
    Continuous and intermittent infusion beta-lactam antibiotics / Dora E. Wiskirchen, Rebecca A. Keel, and David P. Nicolau
    Antiepileptic drugs : second-generation/newer agents / Keri S. Kim, Jeffrey J. Mucksavage, and Gretchen M. Brophy
    Carbamazepine / Henry Cohen
    Digoxin / John Noviasky, William Darko, Darowan Akajabor, Arkadiy Makaron, Christopher Miller, Deirdre P. Piercem, Robert Seabury, and Karen Whalen
    Unfractionated heparin and low-molecular heparins / Liz G. Ramos and Amy L. Dzierba
    Colistin and polymyxin B / Lisa M. Voigt and Kimberly T. Zammit
    Lidocaine / Tudy Hodgeman
    Lithium / Henry Cohen
    Long-acting injectable antipsychotics / Michael Biglow and Megan Flinchum
    Neuromuscular blocking agents / Lesly Jurado, Teresa A. Allison, and Brian Gulbis
    Opioids / Jeff rey Fudin, Ruth J. Perkins, and Arthur G. Lipman
    Phenobarbital and primidone / Denise H. Rhoney, Karen J. McAllen, Xi Liu-DeRyke, and Dennis Parker Jr.
    Phenytoin and fosphenytoin / Catherine A. Millares, Antonia Alafris, and Henry Cohen
    Extended-spectrum triazole antifungals : posaconazole and voriconazole / Kelly E. Martin, Maurice Alexander, and Benyam Muluneh
    Procainamide / Victor Cohen and Samantha P. Jellinek-Cohen
    Quinidine / Edgar R. Gonzalez and Rebecca B. Goad
    Valproic acid / Eljim P. Tesoro, Gretchen M. Brophy, and Henry Cohen
    Vancomycin / Denise E. Riccobono and Maricelle O. Monteagudo-Chu
    Warfarin / Valery L. Chu and Helene Maltz
    Erythropoietin-stimulating agents / Timothy Nguyen, Vijay Lapsia, and Sara Kim
    Direct thrombin inhibitors / Erin E. Mancl and Stacy A. Voils
    Pharmacokinetic considerations in oncology / Alice C. Ceacareanu and Zachary A.P. Wintrob.
    Digital Access AccessPharmacy 2015