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    editors, Nigar Kirmani, Michael J. Durkin, Stephen Y. Liang.
    Approach to the infectious disease consultation / Stephen Y. Liang, Michael J. Durkin, and Nigar Kirmani
    The acute febrile patient and sepsis / Yasir Hamad and Stephen Y. Liang
    Fever of unknown origin / Mohammad J. Saeed and Michael J. Durkin
    Bacteremia and infections of the cardiovascular system / Merilda Blanco and Michael J. Durkin
    Respiratory infections / Carlos Mejia-Chew and Michael A. Lane
    Infections of the gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary tract / Lemuel B. Non and Jennie H. Kwon
    Urinary tract infections / Juan J. Calix and Jeffrey P. Henderson
    Infections of the bone and joint / Shadi Parsaei and Stephen Y. Liang
    Skin and soft tissue infections / Darrell McBride and Stephen Y. Liang
    Central nervous system infections / Abdullah Aljorayid and Robyn S. Klein
    Sexually transmitted infections / Matifadza Hlatshwayo and Hilary Reno
    Human immunodeficiency virus infection / Jane O'Halloran and Rachel Presti
    Opportunistic infections associated with HIV / Jane O'Halloran and Gerome Escota
    Infection in non-HIV immunocompromised hosts / Anupam Pande and Ige George
    Dimorphic mycoses / Krunal Raval and Andrej Spec
    Zoonotic infections and ectoparasites / Abigail L. Carlson and Steven J. Lawrence
    Protozoal infections / Derek Yee and F. Matthew Kuhlmann
    Helminthic infections / Carlos Mejia-Chew and Philip Budge
    Infection prevention / Caline S. Mattar and Michael J. Durkin
    Antimicrobial agents / David J. Ritchie, Maren Cowley, and Nigar Kirmani
    Antimicrobial stewardship / Kevin Hsueh and Michael J. Durkin
    What was old is new again : arboviruses and hemorrhagic fevers / Michael Tang and Steven J. Lawrence
    Digital Access LWW Health Library 2020