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    edited by Charles S. Grob, Jim Grigsby.
    Summary: "Given the limited effectiveness of conventional treatment options for many psychological disturbances, there is growing recognition of the need for innovation, and a willingness to examine even compounds once considered taboo, in the search for more efficacious treatments. With that in mind, our end goal with this volume is to create a comprehensive, trans-disciplinary guide that describes the current status of research. The book begins with a thorough discussion of the pharmacology of what are often called the "classic" or "serotonergic" hallucinogens, for which Nichols prefers the term "psychedelics." Following this are several chapters exploring the social, cultural, and political contexts in which the hallucinogens have been used over time. The book also provides an introduction to research conducted in the fields of anthropology and ethnobotany"-- Provided by publisher.

    Overview of hallucinogens. The pharmacology of psychedelics / David E. Nichols and Charles D. Nichols
    Plants for the people : the future of psychedelic therapies in the age of biomedicine / Dennis J. McKenna
    Anthropology, shamanism, and hallucinogens / Michael J. Winkelman
    A short, strange trip : LSD politics, publicity, and mythology-from discovery to criminalization / Maria Mangini
    History of the use of hallucinogens in psychiatric treatment / Torsten Passie
    Neuroscience of hallcinogens. Human neuroimaging studies of serotonergic psychedelics / Enzo Tagliazucchi
    Memory reconsolidation in psycholytic psychotherapy / Jim Grigsby
    Individual hallucinogens. LSD / Kristine Panik and David E. Presti
    Psilocybin / Stephen Ross, Silvia Franco, Collin Reiff, and Gabrielle Agin-Liebes
    Therapeutic potential of fast-acting synthetic tryptamines / Rafael Lancelotta and Alan K. Davis
    Mescaline / Will Van Derveer
    MDMA / Michael Mithoefer and Annie Mithoefer
    Therapeutic and social uses of MDMA / Scott Shannon, Rob Colbert, and Shannon Hughes
    Biological and psychological mechanisms underlying the therapeutic use of Ayahuasca / Draulio Barros de Araujo, Luis Fernando Tofoli, Stevens Rehen, and Sidarta Ribeiro
    The ibogaine project : urban ethnomedicine for opioid disorder / Kenneth Alper
    Salvia divinorum / Ana Elda Maqueda
    Ketamine / Gary Bravo, Robert Grant, and Raquel Bennett
    Therapeutic considerations. Set, setting, and dose / J. C. Callaway
    The use of music in psychedelic therapy / Mendel Kaelen
    The role of the guide in psychedelic-assisted treatment / Mary Cosimano
    Comparative phenomenology and neurobiology of meditative and psychedelic states of consciousness : implications for psychedelic-assisted therapy / Milan Scheidegger
    Adverse effects / Kelan Thomas and Benjamin Malcolm
    Indications and purpose. Utility of psychedelics in the treatment of psychospiritual and existential distress in palliative care : a promising therapeutic paradigm / Anthony P. Bossis - Classic psychedelics for treatment of alcohol use disorder / Michael P. Bogenschutz and Sarah E. Mennenga
    Psychedelics in the treatment of addiction / Matthew W. Johnson
    The treatment of depressive disorders with psychedelics / Dave King and Jonny Martell
    Hallucinogens in headache / Emmanuelle A. D. Schindler
    Msytical/religious experiences and philosophical considerations. Mystical/religious experiences with psychedelics / William A. Richards
    Philosophical considerations concerning the use of hallucinogens in psychiatric treatment / Candice L. Shelby.