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    editor, Admir Hadzic.
    Part 1. History
    Part 2. Section 1: Anatomy and histology of peripheral nervous system and newraxis
    Section 2: Pharmacology
    Section 3: Equipment for peripheral nerve blocks
    Section 4: Patient management considerations
    Part 3. Clinical practice of regional anesthesia
    Part 3A. Local and infiltrational anesthesia
    Part 3B. Intravenous regional block for upper & lower extremity
    Part 3C. Neuraxial anesthesia
    Section 1: Spinal anesthesi
    Section 2: Epidural anesthesia
    Section 3: Caudal anesthesia
    Section 4: Combined spinal and epidural anesthesia
    Section 5: Postdural puncture headache
    Part 3D. Ultrasound-guided nerve blocks
    Section 1: Fundamentals of ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia
    Section 2: Ultrasound-guided head and neck nerve blocks
    Section 3: Ultrasound-guided nerve blocks for the upper extremity
    Section 4: Ultraound-guided nerve blocks for the lower extremity
    Section 5: Ultrasound-guided nerve clocks for abdominal & thoracic wall
    Part 3E. Local and regional anesthesia for oral and maxillofacial surgery
    Part 3F. Local and regional anesthesia for the eye
    Part 4. ultrasound imaging of neuraxial and perivertebral space
    Part 5. Obstetric anesthesia
    Part 6. Pediatric anesthesia
    Part 7. Anesthesia in patients with specific considerations
    Part 8. Regional anesthesia in the emergency department
    Part 9. Complications of local and regional anesthesia
    Part 10. Last: Local anesthetic systemic toxicity
    Part 11. Perioperative outcome and economics of regional anesthesia
    Part 12. Acute pain management
    Part 13. Education in regional anesthesia
    Part 14. Statistics and principles of research design in regional anesthesia ansd acute pain medicine
    Part 15. Nerve stimulator and surface anatomy-based nerve blocks
    Section 1: Upper extremity
    Section 2: Truncal blocks
    Section 3: Lower extremity blocks.