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    Trisha Myers.
    Summary: ""Wounds" - What a broad term! The Original Roget's International Thesaurus gives all of the following terms for "wounds": trauma, injury, hurt, lesion, cut, incision, scratch, gash, puncture, stab, laceration, mutilation, abrasion, gangrene, necrosis, and more. If Roget were a healthcare provider looking at a wound for the first time, he would not stop with just a simple surface term. In a split second, he would send all that information to his mental search engine for processing. His simple surface term, abrasion, would generate more sensory input such as: classifications - common, complex, or atypical, chronic, or acute, and bioburden - clean, dirty, infected, and so on. Before heaving a big sigh, he might have contemplated nutrition and pain management. After all this was sufficiently processed, another broad concept would surface. "I need a remedy." Roget's brain interface system would go into overdrive, bouncing from one neuron to neuron as more definitions came to mind, such as : relief, help, restorative, medicine, drug, soothing, debridement, salve, antibiotics, poultices, bandage, healing, curative, restorative, palliative, protective...oh, and coming up for air...preventive. Whew!"-- Provided by publisher.

    Attacking the Basics: What Fuels a Wound
    The Phases of Wound Healing and Types of Wound Closure
    Acute Wounds
    Chronic Lower Extremity Wounds
    Pressure Injuries
    Atypical, Complex Wounds
    Assessing Wounds
    Documenting and Photographing Wounds
    Selecting the Correct Dressings
    Biologic Agents and Skin Substitutes
    Wound Debridement
    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
    Caring for Ostomies and Fistulas
    The Promotion of Skin Integrity
    Selecting Optimal Support Surfaces and Patient Positioning
    Qualifications and Certifications for Wound Care
    Facility Accreditation
    The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Healthcare's Common Procedural Coding System
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