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    Abdol-Mohammad Kajbafzadeh, editor.
    Summary: This contributed volume is the first of a series that introduces safe, feasible, and practical decellularization and recellularization techniques for tissue and organ reconstruction. We have put special emphasis on the research areas most likely to develop well-engineered scaffolds for tissue and organ engineering, while presenting easily applicable bench-to-bedside approaches highlighting the latest technical innovations in the field. This book includes both a fundamental discussion for a broad understanding of the basis of tissue repair and substitution, as well as chapters written by world renowned specialists from 20 countries providing deeper discussions and analysis of related sub disciplines. Within these pages, the reader will find state-of-the-art protocols and current clinical challenges in cell and tissue biology, including accurate and comprehensive information on extracellular matrices, natural biomaterials, tissue dynamics, morphogenesis, stem cells, cellular fate progressions, cell and tissue properties for in-vitro and in-vivo applications. This comprehensive and carefully organized treatise provides a clear framework for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers new to the field, but also for researchers and practitioners looking to expand their knowledge on tissue and organ reconstruction.

    About the Editor
    Affiliations and Expertise
    1 Characterization Methods of Acellularized Tissue and Organs
    1.1 History
    1.1.1 Hematoxylin-Eosin Staining (H & E)
    1.1.2 4′,6-Diamidino-2-Phenylindole (DAPI)
    1.1.3 The MTT Cell Proliferation Assay
    1.1.4 Electron Microscopy
    1.1.5 Second Harmonic Generation
    1.1.6 Mechanical Properties
    1.1.7 Zymography
    1.2 Conclusion
    2 Esophagus Decellularization
    2.1 History
    2.2 Material and Methods
    2.2.1 Animal Models 2.2.2 Decellularization
    2.2.3 Sterilization
    2.2.4 Characterization of the Decellularized Matrix
    2.2.5 DNA Quantification
    2.2.6 General Structure and Composition
    2.2.7 Biomechanical Properties
    2.2.8 Immunogenicity and Biocompatibility
    2.2.9 Cytotoxicity
    2.3 Cell Seeding
    2.3.1 Cell Types and Origin
    2.3.2 Seeding Methods
    2.4 Clinical Applications
    3 Fetal Lung Tissue Engineering
    3.1 History
    3.2 Lung Tissue Engineering
    3.3 Material and Methods
    3.4 Scaffold Preparation
    3.4.1 In Rat Lung Model 3.4.2 In Human and Porcine Model
    3.4.3 In Rabbit Model
    3.5 Casting and SEM of Casts
    3.6 SEM
    3.7 Mechanical Tests
    3.8 DNA Staining and Quantification
    3.9 Collagen
    3.10 Sulfated Glycosaminoglycans
    3.11 Elastin
    3.12 Cell Culture and Seeding
    3.13 Bioreactor
    3.14 Histological Evaluation
    3.14.1 Histomorphological Evaluation
    3.15 Radiography, MRI, and CT Scan
    3.16 Limitation
    3.17 Conclusion
    4 Lung Extracellular Matrix as a Platform for Lung Organ Bioengineering: Design and Development of Tissue Engineered Lung
    4.1 History 4.2 Materials and Methods
    4.2.1 Decellularization Technology
    4.3 Tests to Confirm the Efficacy of the Decellularization Process
    4.4 Cell Seeding
    4.5 Clinical Applications
    4.6 Limitations
    4.7 Conclusion
    5 Cardiac Extracellular Matrix as a Platform for Heart Organ Bioengineering: Design and Development of Tissue-Engineered Heart
    5.1 History
    5.2 Materials and Methods
    5.3 Cell Seeding
    5.4 Clinical Applications
    5.5 Limitations
    5.6 Conclusion
    References 6 The Most Ideal Pancreas Extracellular Matrix as a Platform for Pancreas Bioengineering: Decellularization/Recellularization Protocols
    6.1 History
    6.2 Materials and Methods
    6.3 Decellularization Technology
    6.4 Whole Pancreas Decellularization and Regenerative Medicine
    6.5 Tests to Confirm the Efficacy of the Decellularization Process
    6.6 Cell Seeding
    6.7 Clinical Applications
    6.8 Limitations
    6.9 Conclusion
    7 Decellularization of Small Intestinal Submucosa
    7.1 History
    7.2 Materials and Methods
    7.3 Cell Seeding
    7.4 Clinical Applications.
    Digital Access Springer 2021