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    Richard F. Spaide, Kyoko Ohno-Matsui, Lawrence A. Yannuzzi, editors.
    Summary: Pathologic Myopia is a major cause of severe vision loss worldwide. The mechanisms for vision loss include cataract, glaucoma, retinal detachment, and above all, myopic maculopathy within the posterior staphyloma. The first edition of Pathologic Myopia is one of the only current books to specifically address this disease and discusses recent developments in imaging technologies and various approaches to treatments, such as laser photocoagulation, photodynamic therapy, pharmaco-therapeutic injections in the vitreous, and surgery. This new edition is a timely update to the standard reference in the field, with new chapters on advanced refractive error correction, genetics, developing a classification system, and special surgical approaches for pathologic myopia. Complete with even more high-quality color images and informative tables, this book is written and edited by leaders in the field and is geared towards ophthalmologists, including residents and fellows in training, glaucoma and cataract specialists, and vitreoretinal macula experts.

    Section 1. Basic Science of Pathologic Myopia.
    Chapter 1. Myopia: A Historical Perspective
    Chapter 2. Definition of pathologic myopia (PM)
    Chapter 3. Epidemiology of Myopia, High Myopia and Pathological Myopia
    Chapter 4. Genetics of Pathologic Myopia
    Chapter 5. Public Health Impact of Pathologic Myopia
    Chapter 6. Animal Models of Experimental Myopia: Limitations and Synergies with Studies on Human Myopia
    Chapter 7. The Sclera and its Role in Regulation of the Refractive State
    Section 2 - Ocular Changes in the Development of Pathologic Myopia.
    Chapter 8. Update on the Pathology of Pathological Myopia
    Chapter 9. The Sclera and Induced Abnormalities in Myopia
    Chapter 10. The Choroid Fin
    Chapter 11. Theories of Myopization: Potential Role of a Posterioly Expanding Bruch's Membrane
    Chapter 12. The Optic Nerve Head in High Myopia / Abnormalities of the Intrapapillary and Parapapillary Region
    Chapter 13. Vitreous Changes in Myopia
    Chapter 14. Ultra-widefield imaging of vitreous in pathologic myopia
    Section 3- Sequella of Pathologic Myopia and Their Potential Treatments.
    Chapter 15. Staphyloma I
    Chapter 16. Staphyloma II
    Chapter 17. Overview of OCT-based classification of macular lesions due to pathologic myopia
    Chapter 18. Myopic Maculopathy
    Chapter 19. Choroidal Neovascularization
    Chapter 20. Myopic Macular Retinoschisis
    Chapter 21. surgical approaches for complications of PM
    Chapter 22. Peripheral Retinal Abnormalities
    Chapter 23. Retinal Detachment
    Chapter 24. Glaucoma in Myopia
    Chapter 25. Myopic Optic Neuropathy
    Chapter 26. Special Considerations for Cataract Surgery in the Face of Pathologic Myopia
    Chapter 27. Ocular Motility Abnormalities
    Chapter 28. Ocular and Systemic Disease
    Section 4 - Treatment of pathologic myopia.
    Chapter 29. Prevention of myopia progression in children and adolescents
    Chapter 31. Sclera-targeted therapies for pathologic myopia.
    Digital Access Springer 2021