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    [edited by] Sonya R. Hardin, Roberta Kaplow ; American Association of Critical-Care Nurses.
    Clinical judgment in critical care
    Cardiovascular anatomy and physiology
    Indications for cardiac surgery
    Preoperative cardiac surgery nursing evaluation
    Heart valve surgery
    Cardiopulmonary bypass and off-pump coronary artery bypass
    Minimally invasive cardiac surgery
    Recovery of anesthesia following cardiac surgery
    Hemodynamic monitoring
    Intra-aortic balloon pump
    Mechanical ventilation after open heart surgery
    Pharmacological support following cardiac surgery
    Postoperative complications of cardiac surgery and nursing interventions
    Pain management
    Postoperative dysrhythmias
    Neurologic complications
    Fluid and electrolyte imbalances following cardiac surgery
    Wound care
    Bridge to transplant and cardiac transplantation
    Complications of obesity of the cardiac surgery patient
    Nutritional issues in the patient undergoing cardiac surgery
    Psychological support for the patient undergoing cardiac surgery and the family
    Rehabilitation and care of the cardiac surgery patient on discharge
    Post-ICU care and other complications.
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