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    Haifa Alotaibi.
    Summary: The book provides A-Z information of surgical disorders in a concise and engaging format and serves as a complete reference for surgical trainees to prepare for the annual promotion and final clinical board exam specially the oral exam. It enhances the subject knowledge and provides distilled information required for clinical exams. The book teaches the resident how to approach a patient with a particular complaint, covering all the possible diagnoses, the operative techniques, and the post-operative follow up. The book provides evidenced based up-to-date information on the examination references in a very simple way. It includes algorithms and illustrations that provide better understanding and eliminate common areas of confusion that result in misdiagnosis and mismanagement; it focuses on the areas in which candidates commonly fail during the exams. Every chapter includes a practice section that provides the opportunity to practice learning outcomes in the form of multiple case scenarios and questions for discussion, along with ideal answers against which readers can test their knowledge using the provided checklist. These case scenarios are very interesting and unique asset of this book. The book is useful for surgical trainees and graduate students, who are preparing for their surgery board clinical exam. It may also be beneficial to the surgeons who have just qualified and passed their board, particularly who are in the early part of their professional career.

    About the Author
    1: Surgical Aspects of Breast Diseases for Clinical Board Exams
    1.1 Part I: Knowledge
    1.1.1 Approach to Patient with Breast Lesion
    1.1.2 Management of Benign Breast Lesions
    1.1.3 Management of Invasive Breast Cancer
    1.1.4 Operations for Breast Cancer
    1.1.5 Modified Radical Mastectomy
    1.1.6 Postoperative Follow-Up
    1.2 Part II: Practice
    1.2.1 Case Scenarios for Practice
    1.2.2 Answer Key
    2: Surgical Aspects of Thyroid Diseases for Clinical Board Exams 2.1 Part I: Knowledge
    2.1.1 History of Thyroid Complaint
    2.1.2 Approach to Patient with Thyroid Nodule
    2.1.3 Management of Common Benign Thyroid Disease Thyroiditis Hyperthyroidism
    2.1.4 Operation for Thyroid Gland
    2.2 Part II: Practice
    2.2.1 Case Scenarios for Practice
    2.2.2 Answer Key
    3: Surgical Aspects of Parathyroid Diseases for Clinical Board Exams
    3.1 Part I: Knowledge
    3.1.1 Approach to Patient with Hypercalcemia
    3.2 Part II: Practice
    3.2.1 Case Scenarios for Practice
    3.2.2 Answer Key
    References 4: Surgical Aspects of Adrenal Diseases for Clinical Board Exams
    4.1 Part I: Knowledge
    4.1.1 Approach to Patient with Adrenal Incidentaloma
    4.1.2 Pheochromocytoma
    4.1.3 Cushing Syndrome
    4.1.4 Approach to Patient with Suspected Hyperaldosteronism
    4.1.5 Adrenocortical Cancer
    4.1.6 Adrenalectomy
    4.1.7 Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy
    4.2 Part II: Practice
    4.2.1 Case Scenarios for Practice
    4.2.2 Answer Key
    5: Surgical Aspects of Liver Diseases for Clinical Board Exams
    5.1 Part I: Knowledge 5.1.1 History of Right Upper Abdominal Pain or Mass
    5.1.2 Approach to Patient with Liver Mass
    5.1.3 Benign Liver Lesions
    5.1.4 Malignant Liver Lesions
    5.1.5 Portal Hypertension
    5.1.6 Hepatic Operations
    5.2 Part II: Practice
    5.2.1 Case Scenarios for Practice
    5.2.2 Answer Key
    6: Surgical Aspects of Biliary Diseases for Clinical Board Exams
    6.1 Part I: Knowledge
    6.1.1 Management of Asymptomatic Gallstones
    6.1.2 Management of Acute Cholecystitis
    6.1.3 Approach to Patient with Jaundice
    6.1.4 Approach to Patient with Cholangitis 6.1.5 Management of Choledocholithiasis
    6.1.6 Management of Mirizzi Syndrome
    6.1.7 Management of Gallstone Ileus
    6.1.8 Management of Cystic Disorders of the Bile Duct
    6.1.9 Management of Bile Duct Injury
    6.1.10 Management of Gallbladder Cancer
    6.1.11 Management of Extrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma
    6.1.12 Biliary Operations
    6.2 Part II: Practice
    6.2.1 Case Scenarios for Practice
    6.2.2 Answer Key
    7: Surgical Aspects of Pancreatic and Splenic Diseases for Clinical Board Exams
    7.1 Part I: Knowledge
    Digital Access Springer 2021