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    Robert L. Bard, editor.
    This book offers a detailed and up-to-date overview of image-guided diagnostics in COVID-19 lung disease. A range of image-guided CT and ultrasound procedures in different chest regions are described. For each procedure, the benefits of image guidance are presented and its specialized application explained in the adult (outpatient, triage and hospital setting) and the pediatric patient. Lung Ultrasound Image Guidance assesses this rapidly evolving disease in real time while CT scans may be precisely targeted. The editor provides his 50+ year experience of multidisciplinary chest imaging including battlefield experience to optimally combat this recent viral assault. Image-Guided Management will be a valuable guide and reference not only for radiologists and pulmonary practitioners, but also for imaging technicians and First Responders. The intense public interest in safety and prevention is covered in the chapters on protection and decontamination. A chapter addressing the multiplicity of organ damage is useful for cardiologists and internists given the long differential diagnosis of respiratory distress entities. The emergence of point of care ultrasound providing 24/7 diagnostic access into inflammatory processes of the lung heralds its ascendance to the top tier of acute care diagnostic tools.
    Digital Access  Springer 2021