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    Ioannis Pallikaris, Miltiadis K. Tsilimbaris, Anna I. Dastiridou, editors.
    Summary: This book focuses on the concept of ocular rigidity, the biomechanical properties and hydrodynamics of the human eye. The basics of anatomy and physiology are explored and the relevant data for the clinician are emphasized throughout the book. The engineering aspects as well as the clinical interpretation are presented to provide context. Ocular Rigidity, Biomechanics and Hydrodynamics of the Eye summarises recent evidence on ocular rigidity, but also provides a complete presentation of the data so far. The authors have recently worked on ocular rigidity corneal and globe biomechanics and hydrodynamics and the new, up-to-date data on the subject are highlighted in each chapter. The aim is to provide the framework or the understanding of these parameters and to determine their relevance in health and disease. This book will be an essential read for all practicing ophthalmologists looking to gain a more in-depth understanding of this interesting area of research particularly in refractive surgery and glaucoma.

    The concept of ocular rigidity: Engineering approach
    The concept of ocular rigidity: Clinical approach
    Methods of measuring ocular rigidity in the human eye
    Surrogate measures of ocular rigidity in the human eye
    Biomechanical Properties of the Cornea
    Biomechanical Properties of the Sclera
    Biomechanical Properties of the Choroid (and role in the measurement of ocular rigidity)
    Biomechanics of the lens: Hydrodynamics of Accomodation
    Biomechanics of the lens: Ocular rigidity and Presbyopia
    Trabecular meshwork biomechanics
    The aqueous fluidics
    Ocular rigidity and tonometry
    Ocular rigidity and tonography
    Factors that affect ocular rigidity: Age
    Factors that affect ocular rigidity: Axial length
    Factors that affect ocular rigidity: IOP
    Ocular rigidity and disease: Cornea disease
    Ocular rigidity and disease: Glaucoma
    Ocular rigidity and disease: Age- related Macular Degeneration
    Ocular rigidity and disease: Diabetes
    Ocular rigidity and disease: High myopia
    Ocular rigidity and disease: Uveitis
    Ocular rigidity and disease: Other conditions (Scleral buckling, osteogenesis imperfect etc)
    Ocular rigidity and drugs
    Ocular rigidity and Surgery.
    Digital Access Springer 2021