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    Geoiphy George Pulickal, Tiong Yong Tan, Ashish Chawla, editors.
    Summary: This book presents standard imaging techniques, basic anatomy and an approach to common pathology encountered in temporal bone imaging. Intended as a survival guide for residents and general radiologists, it covers all topics comprehensively, and provides intuitive point-by-point summaries, similar to those of popular radiology reference sites, for easy comprehension at a glance. The book also offers guidance on the pertinent points that need to be included in a report and how to answer basic questions that are likely to be asked by the referring clinician or supervising radiologist. This book will be a valuable resource for general radiologists, radiology residents, ENT residents, otology surgeons and anyone involved in the occasional temporal bone study.

    Part I. Basic Anatomy and Approach to Common Symptoms; Making Sense of History
    Basic Temporal Bone Imaging Anatomy; External, Middle and Inner Ear
    Temporal Bone Imaging Techniques; Computer Tomography, Cone Beam CT and Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Imaging Approach to Conductive Hearing Loss
    Imaging Approach to Sensorineural Hearing Loss
    Imaging Approach to Tinnitus
    Imaging Approach to Otorrhea
    Imaging Approach to Otalgia
    Common Otoscopic Signs, Imaging of Common Surgeries and Implants
    Part II. Imaging of External Ear Pathology
    Radiological Features of Otitis Externa
    Imaging of External Ear Masses; Cholesteatoma and Tumours
    Imaging of External Ear Malformations, Canal Stenosis and Exostosis
    Part III. Imaging of Middle Ear and Mastoid Air Cells Pathology
    Imaging of Otomastoiditis, Acute and Chronic
    Radiological Features of Acquired and Congenital Cholesteatoma
    Radiological Features of Oval Window Atresia
    Part IV. Imaging of Inner Ear Pathology
    Imaging of Inner Ear Malformations and Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome
    Radiological Features of Otosclerosis
    Other Causes of Inner Ear Hearing Loss: Meniere's Disease, Labyrinthitis & Semicircular Canal Dehiscence
    Part V. Imaging of Temporal Bone Trauma, Petrous Apex, Cerebello-Pontine Angles, Jugular Foramen & Facial Nerve
    Imaging of Temporal Bone Trauma
    Imaging of the Petrous Apex, Cerebello-Pontine Angles & Jugular Foramen
    Imaging of the Facial Nerve: Approach and Pathology.
    Digital Access Springer 2021