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    Magdy M. Khalil, editor.
    This book provides comprehensive and detailed information on the scientific bases of nuclear medicine, addressing a wide variety of topics and explaining the concepts that underlie many of the investigations and procedures performed in the field. The book is divided into six sections that cover the physics and chemistry of nuclear medicine besides associated quality assurance/quality control procedures; dosimetry and radiation biology; SPECT and PET imaging instrumentation plus CT imaging technology in hybrid modalities; data analysis including image processing, reconstruction, radiomics, image degrading correction techniques, along with image quantitation and kinetic modeling. Within these sections, particular attention is paid to recent developments and the advances in knowledge that have taken place since release of the first edition in 2011. Several entirely new chapters have been included and the remaining chapters, thoroughly updated. Innovations in the ever-expanding field of nuclear medicine are predominantly due to integration of the basic sciences with complex technological advances. This excellently illustrated book on the subject will be of interest to not only nuclear medicine physicists and physicians but also clinical scientists, radiologists, radiopharmacists, medical students and technologists.
    Digital Access  Springer 2021