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    edited by Imran Farooq, Saqib Ali, Paul Anderson.
    Summary: "It gives us great pleasure to present our book that addresses problems with respect to the teaching and learning of oral histology. The idea to write a book focussed on important details of oral histological features popped up around two years ago, when we felt there are many deficient areas in the present literature concerning the said topic. This book gives information about these features in a user-friendly format. It contains high-definition (HD) histological images of oral tissues with integrated text containing their introduction, key identifying histological features, and clinical significance. The textbook is intended for dental undergraduate and postgraduate students, license examination aspirants, and oral histology instructors. We strongly believe that the book will suit the needs of professionals in each of these disciplines. We would like to mention here that we do not wish the present book to be a substitution of more general textbooks in oral histology. It is our belief that a good dental practitioner not only needs strong clinical skills, but also a solid understanding of basic sciences. Consequently, our book should be considered as providing the first step of the ladder in learning oral histology. This book is aimed at encouraging students to pursue a more exhaustive appreciation of the subject. To counter technology needs and in-line with the digital age, a companion website for the book has also been developed"-- Provided by publisher.

    Tooth Development / Saqib Ali, Imran Farooq, and Syed Ali Khurram
    Dental Enamel / Imran Farooq, Saqib Ali, and Paul Anderson
    Dentine / Imran Farooq, Saqib Ali, Syed Ali Khurram, and Paul Anderson
    Cementum / Saqib Ali, Imran Farooq, Amr Bugshan, Erum Khan, and Syed Ali Khurram
    Dental Pulp / Juzer Shabbir, Imran Farooq, Saqib Ali, Faraz Kasti, Amr Bugshan, Syed Ali Khurram, and Erum Khan
    Periodontal Ligament / Saqlain Gilani, Imran Farooq, Saqib Ali, and Syed Ali Khurram
    Alveolar Bone / Rizwan Ullah, Shehriar Husain, Faraz Kasti, and Syed Ali Khurram
    Oral Mucosa / Saqib Ali, Imran Farooq, and Faraz Kasti
    Salivary Glands / Fizza Jabbar, Zohaib Khurshid, Muhammad Sohail Zafar, Faraz Kasti, and Syed Ali Khurram.
    Digital Access Wiley 2021