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    Hélder Pereira, Stéphane Guillo, Mark Glazebrook, Masato Takao, James Calder, Niek Van Dijk, Jón Karlsson, editors.
    Summary: This superbly illustrated, up-to-date reference textbook covers all aspects of ankle instability and its management. Readers will find extensive information on biomechanics, injury prevention, current strategies for conservative treatment, and established and emerging surgical techniques. The most recent procedures, particularly those which are minimally invasive and arthroscopically assisted, are described and discussed in depth. Detailed attention is also devoted to controversies such as the indications and timing for conservative or surgical treatment, the current and future roles of arthroscopy, the definition of "anatomic" repair, and the upcoming concept of "anatomic reconstruction" (replication of anatomy by using a graft). The book is published in cooperation with ESSKA, and the chapter authors include clinicians and scientists working in the field of foot and ankle orthopaedics and sports medicine from across the world. All who are involved in the care of patients suffering from ankle instability, including amateur and high-level athletes, will find Lateral Ankle Instabilityto be an excellent source of knowledge and a valuable aid to clinical practice. .

    Anatomy of the Ankle ligaments
    Anatomic perspective on the role of inferior extensor retinaculum in lateral ankle ligament reconstruction
    Biomechanics of the ankle
    History and Clinical Examination of Lateral Ankle Instability
    Lateral ankle instability imaging
    Microinstability of the ankle
    Assessment of subtalar instability
    Combined medial pathology in patients with lateral chronic ankle instability: Rotational instability of the ankle? --Prevention Strategies and Prehab For lateral Ankle Instability
    Current Concepts in Ankle Sprain Treatment
    Level of evidence for nonoperative treatment on Chronic ankle instability
    Surgical treatment for acute ankle sprain "state of the art"
    Current published evidence to support open surgical treatment of chronic ankle instability
    Anatomic open Repair procedures: Description of the Broström-Gould technique
    Reinforcement of the Broström Technique: When and how to do it?
    Collateral lateral ligament repair: anatomic ligaments reinsertion with augmentation using an extensor retinaculum flap
    Anatomical reconstruction: Open procedure to percutaneous procedure (P-AntiRoLL)
    Open surgical treatment: nonanatomic reconstruction
    Anatomic open Repair procedures: Periosteal flap
    Ankle Ligament Injuries Long-term Outcomes After Stabilising Surgery
    Level of evidence for mini-invasive treatment of chronic ankle instability
    Arthroscopic Capsular shrinkage
    Arthroscopic Assisted Repair of Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability
    Arthroscopic ATFL repair with percutaneous Gould augmentation
    The Arthroscopic all inside knotless option
    Arthroscopic all inside ATFL repair
    All Inside Endoscopic Brostrom-Gould Technique
    Anatomical reflections when considering tunnel placement for ankle ligament reconstruction
    ATFL anatomical reconstruction
    Arthroscopic anatomical reconstruction of the lateral ankle ligaments
    Arthroscopic AntiRoLL technique
    The plantaris tendon option for anatomical reconstruction
    Rehabilitation after acute lateral ankle ligament injury and after surgery
    Goal-based protocol for rehabilitation
    Rehabilitation options for chronic ankle instability: what is new?
    Lower Extremity Alignment and Ankle Instability
    Ankle instability and gastrocnemius tightness
    Concurrent Pathology and Ankle instability
    Non-Biological Adjuncts for Ankle Stabilization
    Unique Perspective of care of the elite athlete
    Assessing outcomes for Treatment of Chronic Ankle Instability
    Consensus and Algorithm in the approach to patients with chronic lateral ankle instability.
    Digital Access Springer 2021