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    Simon H. Felton, Alison Chapman.
    Summary: "Oral health education and promotion is an increasingly important topic in the dental industry, and oral health is integral to our general wellbeing. Oral health education involves practical, face-to-face expert instruction provided by a trained educator to a patient, with specific goals in both preventing oral conditions and diseases and managing pre-existing conditions. Promotion is concerned with making people aware of oral health issues on a local, national and international level through initiatives and programmes. Both education and promotion have the same objective -- to help people achieve and maintain good oral health"-- Provided by publisher.

    The oral cavity in health
    Plaque, calculus, and staining
    Dental plaque-induced gingivitis
    Periodontal disease
    Tooth surface loss and sensitivity
    Other diseases and disorders affecting the oral cavity
    Nutrition, diet, and exercise
    Sugars in the diet
    Fissure sealants
    Smoking cessation and substance misuse
    Anti-plaque agents
    Education and planning sessions
    Setting up a preventive dental unit
    Planning an oral hygiene presentation to a group
    Practical oral hygiene instruction
    Pregnant patients
    Parents and guardians of pre-11 year olds
    Adolescent and orthodontic patients
    Older people
    At-risk patients and people with special needs
    Minority cultural and ethnic populations in the United Kingdom
    Other health professionals
    Planning education case studies, exhibitions, and record of competence
    Evidence-based prevention
    UK dental services
    Oral health promotion
    Dental research.
    Digital Access Wiley 2021