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    editor, Joseph J. Zorc ; associate editors, Elizabeth R. Alpern [and others].
    Summary: This book covers the diagnosis and management of common problems found in children, focusing on symptoms, differential diagnosis, laboratory assessment, and various treatment options for each problem.

    Machine generated contents note: pt. 1 Introduction
    1.Obtaining and Presenting a Patient History / M. William Schwartz
    2.The Physical Examination / Shoshana Melman
    3.Developmental Surveillance / Patty Huang
    4.Developmental Disabilities / Patty Huang
    5.Immunizations / Alexander G. Fiks
    6.Feeding Infants / Brenda Waber
    7.Well-Newborn Care / Kathleen Wholey Zsolway
    pt. 2 Problems
    8.Abdominal Mass / Marc H. Gorelick
    9.Abdominal Pain, Acute / Paul Ishimine
    10.Abdominal Pain, Chronic / Kristin N. Fiorino
    11.Alopecia / Catherine S. Zorc
    12.Ambiguous Genitalia / Lorraine E. Levitt Katz
    13.Amenorrhea / Valerie Lewis
    14.Animal Bites / Toni Gross
    15.Apnea / Thomas Mollen
    16.Ascites / Evelyn K. Hsu
    17.Ataxia / Lawrence W. Brown
    18.Bleeding and Purpura / Kim Smith-Whitley
    19.Chest Pain / Bradley S. Marino
    20.Child Abuse / Cindy W. Christian
    21.Coma / Nicholas S. Abend
    22.Constipation / Kristin N. Fiorino 23.Cough / Richard M. Kravitz
    24.Cyanosis / Bradley S. Marino
    25.Dehydration / Philip R. Spandorfer
    26.Diabetes / Stuart A. Weinzimer
    27.Diarrhea, Acute / Catherine C. Wiley
    28.Diarrhea, Chronic / Andrew Grossman
    29.Drowning / Mercedes M. Blackstone
    30.Ear, Painful / Christine S. Cho
    31.Edema / Rene VanDeVoorde
    32.Electrolyte Disturbances / Christopher J. LaRosa
    33.Fever / Elizabeth R. Alpern
    34.Gastrointestinal Bleeding, Lower / Chris A. Liacouras
    35.Gastrointestinal Bleeding, Upper / Chris A. Liacouras
    36.Goiter / Andrew J. Bauer
    37.Head Trauma / Joel A. Fein
    38.Headache / Donald Younkin
    39.Hematuria / Madhura Pradhan
    40.Hemolysis / Kim Smith-Whitley
    41.Hemoptysis / Suzanne E. Beck
    42.Hepatomegaly / Christina Bales
    43.Hypertension / Kevin E.C. Meyers
    44.Hypotonia / Lawrence W. Brown
    45.Jaundice / Evelyn K. Hsu
    46.Jaundice, Newborn / Michael A. Posencheg Note continued: 47.Joint Pain / Jeffrey A. Seiden
    48.Leukocytosis / David T. Teachey
    49.Leukopenia / David T. Teachey
    50.Lymphadenopathy / Leslie S. Kersun
    51.Macrocephaly / Lawrence W. Brown
    52.Mediastinal Mass / Leslie S. Kersun
    53.Murmurs / Jack Rychik
    54.Neck Mass / Frances Nadel
    55.Neck Pain/Stiffness / Jill C. Posner
    56.Neonatal Infections / Samir S. Shah
    57.Pallor (Paleness) / Kim Smith-Whitley
    58.Paraplegia / Lawrence W. Brown
    59.Pelvic Pain / Courtney Schreiber
    60.Pleural Effusions / Angela Lorts
    61.Precocious Puberty / Marta Satin Smith
    62.Proteinuria / Madhura Pradhan
    63.Pruritus / Paul L. Aronson
    64.Rashes / Kara Shah
    65.Red Eye / Cynthia J. Mollen
    66.Respiratory Distress / Esther M. Sampayo
    67.Scrotal Pain, Acute / Kate Kraft
    68.Seizures / Nicholas S. Abend
    69.Sexual Abuse / Cindy W. Christian
    70.Sexually Transmitted Diseases / Amy L. Weiss
    71.Short Stature / Adda Grimberg 72.Sore Throat / Esther K. Chung
    73.Splenomegaly / Matthew J. Ryan
    74.Syncope / Timothy K. Knilans
    75.Tachycardia / Timothy K. Knilans
    76.Thermal Injuries / Marc H. Gorelick
    77.Urinary Frequency and Polyuria / Matthew Sampson
    78.Urine Output, Decreased / Katherine MacRae Dell
    79.Vaginal Bleeding / Courtney Schreiber
    80.Vaginal Discharge (Vulvovaginitis) / Courtney Schreiber
    81.Vertigo (Dizziness) / Lawrence W. Brown
    82.Vomiting / Chris A. Liacouras
    pt. 3 Toxicology
    83.Toxicology / Diane P. Calello
    pt. 4 Cardiology Laboratory
    84.Cardiology Laboratory / Timothy M. Hoffman
    Surgical Glossary
    Surgical Glossary
    Syndromes Glossary
    Syndromes Glossary.