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    Jón Eiríksson, Leifur A. Símonarson.
    Summary: This volume sheds new light on the marine fauna and geological setting of the Tjörnes Sequence, North Iceland, which is a classic site for the Pliocene and Pleistocene stratigraphy of the North Atlantic region. Readers will discover descriptions of new data collected by the editors over a period of over three decades on marine faunal assemblages and sedimentology available for palaeoenvironmental reconstructions, as well as the tectonic and stratigraphical relationships on Tjörnes Peninsula. The book includes a comprehensive account of all the collections of marine fossil invertebrate macrofossils and foraminifera known to the editors from the Tjörnes Sequence. It is expected to elucidate sedimentological and faunal changes from relatively stable Pliocene conditions to highly variable and periodically harsh climatic conditions of recurring Quaternary glaciations. The distribution, recent or fossil, of various species is recorded and pertinent ecological and biological features are also discussed. The Tjörnes Sequence records the Neogene migration of Pacific species into the North Atlantic. Researchers in geology, climate science, environmental science and earth science will find this book particularly valuable.

    Chapter1. A Brief Resumé of the Geology of Iceland
    Chapter2. The Marine Realm Around Iceland
    a Review of Biological Research
    Chapter3. The Evolution of the Tjörnes Sedimentary Basin in Relation to the Tjörnes Fracture Zone and the Geological Structure of Iceland
    Chapter4. A Review of the Research History of the Tjörnes Sequence, North Iceland
    Chapter5. Lithostratigraphy of the Tjörnes Sequence in Barmur and Höskuldsvík on the West Coast of Tjörnes, North Iceland
    Chapter6. An Age Model for the Miocene to Pleistocene Tjörnes Sequence, North Iceland
    Chapter7. Systematic Overview of the Pliocene Molluscs and Barnacles of the Barmur Group on Tjörnes, North Iceland
    Chapter8. Foraminifera in the Pliocene Barmur Group on Tjörnes, North Iceland
    Chapter9. Reconstructing the Palaeoenvironments of the Pliocene Barmur Group in the Tjörnes Basin, North Iceland
    Lithostratigraphy of the Upper Part of the Tjörnes Sequence in Furuvík, Breiðavík, Öxarfjörður, and Central Tjörnes Mountains, North Iceland
    Systematic Overview of the Molluscs and Barnacles of the Quaternary Breiðavík Group, North Iceland
    Chapter12. Foraminifera in the Early Pleistocene Part of the Breiðavík Group, North Iceland Knudsen
    Chapter13. Reconstructing the Palaeoenvironments of the Quaternary Tjörnes Basin, North Iceland
    Chapter14. Migration of Pacific Marine Mollusc Fauna into the North Atlantic Across the Arctic Ocean in Pliocene and Early Pleistocene Time.
    Digital Access Springer 2021