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    Pankaj Kumar Gupta, Ram Naresh Bharagava, editors.
    Springer Nature eBook.
    Summary: This volume offers detailed information on the behaviour of various water pollutants, and on the principles and concepts of groundwater flow and transport. It will help readers to understand and execute the planning, supervision, and review of solute transport and groundwater modeling projects. The book also discusses the role and fate of elements that have been identified as major contaminants in surface and subsurface waters, and their adverse effects on ecology and human health. The book explores this theme throughout four sections - a. Understanding Soil-Water Systems, b. Fate and Transport of Pollutants, c. Physico-Chemical Treatment of Wastewater and d. Microbial Techniques Used to Decontaminate Soil-Water Systems. Introducing readers to a range of recent advances concerning the fundamentals of subsurface water treatment, it offers a valuable guide for teachers, researchers, policymakers, and undergraduate and graduate students of hydrology, environmental microbiology, biotechnology and the environmental sciences. It also provides field engineers and industrial practitioners with essential support in the effective remediation and management of polluted sites.

    Fate and transport of pollutants in subsurface: evolution of knowledge and understanding
    Governing mechanisms of fate and transport of target pollutants in subsurface
    Transport behaviour of gaseous contaminants through subsurface system
    Aqueous two-phase system: an alternative process for industrial dye recovery
    Leaching behaviors of agricultural contaminants in heterogeneous system
    Contribution of ground water in the calculation of net GHG fluxes from freshwater bodies
    Application of visual mod-flow in groundwater flow modeling at the left crescent of the Ganga river, Varanasi, India
    Impacts of climate and land use changes on water resources at basin level
    Occurrence of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in environment: impact and remediation techniques
    Fate and transport of non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) in subsurface: laboratory studies
    Treatment of pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs) before discharging to agricultural lands
    Mechanistic understanding of heterogeneous photocatalysis for the dye degradation in wastewater
    Arsenic pollution in groundwater and its in-situ remediation technologies
    Groundwater contamination susceptibility in watershed of stream São Lourenço in southern Brazil
    Dynamic of heavy metals and environmental impact of waste phosphogypsum
    Mitigation of ground water pollution: heavy metal retention characteristics of fly ash based liner material
    Micropollutants in wastewater: health risk assessment, biomonitoring and bioremediation
    Groundwater pollution by geogenic and industrial pollutants
    Impact of climatic variabilities on groundwater resources
    Salinization of coastal groundwater resource in the perspective of climate change
    Impact of climate change variability on groundwater resource in southern western Nigeria as case study.
    Digital Access Springer 2021