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    Vishnu Kirthi Arivarasan, Karthik Loganathan, Pushpamalar Janarthanan, editors.
    Summary: Nanomedicine is the field of science that deals with organic applications of medicine at the nanoscale level. It primarily addresses finding, anticipating, and treating sickness, as well as using nanotechnology to assist in controlling human frameworks at the cellular level. The nature of nanotechnology allows it to address numerous medical issues in humans. This book offers comprehensive information to better comprehend and apply multifunctional nanoparticles in nanomedicine, and thus open avenues in the field. Medicating at the nanolevel is an exceptional therapeutic avenue, as it avoids symptoms associated with conventional medicines. This book investigates recent insights into structuring novel drug delivery frameworks. It concentrates on the physical characteristics of drug delivery transporters, and the preliminary procedures involved in their use. The book offers in-depth detail that benefits academics and researchers alike, containing broad research from experts in the field, and serves as a guide for students and researchers in the field of nanomedicine, drug delivery, and nanotechnology.

    Nanomedicine: General Introduction from A to Z
    Immunology and Nanotechnology: Effects and Affects
    Role of Nanotechnology in Sensor Development
    Nanotechnology in the Characterization of Cancer
    Nano Vaccine
    Nanotechnology in Theranostics and In Vivo Imaging
    The Implication of Physical and Chemical Characterization of Therapeutic and Imaging Applications
    Polymers in Nanomedicine
    Delivery of Drug Payloads to Organs and Organ-Systems of Human Beings
    Drug Delivery Towards Cancer
    Drug Delivery Towards Malaria
    Nanotechnology in Tissue Engineering and Implant Development
    Interactions Between Nano-Delivery Agents and Immune Systems
    The Fate of Drug Delivery Agents after Delivery of Payload
    Digital Access Springer 2021