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    Fabio Prezoto, Fabio Santos Nascimento, Bruno Corrêa Barbosa, Alexandre Somavilla, editors.
    Summary: This book provides updated information on this intriguing and exciting group of insects: Neotropical Social Wasps. These insects have a particular biology and their colonies are formed by a few cooperative females living in either small or massive, structured nests where stinging individuals organize their activities and defend their offspring. Topics include evolutionary aspects, biogeography, post-embryonic development, community behavior and ecology, economic importance, and research methods.

    A Brief Review Of Studies On Social Wasps In Brazil
    The Evolution of Swarm Founding in the Wasps: Possible Scenarios
    The foraging behaviour of neotropical social wasps
    The choice of sexual partner in social wasps
    Nesting Habits of Neotropical Social Wasps
    Castes and polymorphisms in neotropical social wasps
    The biology of swarm-founding epiponine wasp, Polybia paulsita
    Causes and consequences of reproductive conflicts in wasp societies
    Post-embryonic Development in Brazilian Social Wasps
    Evolution and adaptation of the wings and mandibles of neotropical social wasps
    Cuticular hydrocarbon studies in Neotropical Social Wasps
    Biogeographic hypotheses for the Neotropical Social Wasps
    Chromosome diversity and evolution in Neotropical social wasps
    Phylogeny and classification of the Neotropical social wasps
    List of species of social wasps from Brazil
    The Old-World versus New-World social wasps: Similarities, differences and threats
    Key to the genera of social wasps (Polistinae) occurring in Brazil
    Research techniques used in the study of social wasps
    Community ecology of social wasps in Brazil: Forty years of studies
    lnteractions between wasps and other animals: associations and natural enemies
    Interactions of social wasps with microorganisms
    Artificial Environments for Studying Eusocial Wasps
    Economic importance of Neotropical Social Wasps.
    Digital Access Springer 2021