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    Luiz Henrique Rosa, editor.
    Summary: This pioneering book focuses on Neotropical endophytic fungi, providing a comprehensive overview of their diversity, ecology, and biotechnological applications in medicine, agriculture, and industry. Despite their rich diversity, the endophytic fungi associated with plants of Central and South American biomes remain largely unknown. The book addresses that knowledge gap by offering insights into Neotropic endophytic fungal community.

    Neotropical endophytic fungi: isolation, diversity, and biogeography of Neotropical endophytic fungi
    Ecology of Neotropical endophytic fungi
    Diversity, ecology and applications of Epichlo√ę fungal endophytes of grasses in South America
    Endophytes from unique ecosystems in Chile: challenge and opportunities for biodiversity and biotechnological applications
    Endophytic fungal community associated with Colombian plants
    Fungal endophytes and bioactive compounds from tropical forests of Costa Rica
    Diversity of endophytic fungi in Brazilian biomes Rupestrian Grasslands, Caatinga, Pampa, and Pantanal
    Endophytic fungi of the Cerrado: Diversity and its role in ecological interactions and environmental conservation
    Endophytic fungi associated with medicinal plants of Amazonian forest
    Endophytic fungi associated with ancient Neotropical plants
    Bioprospecting of Neotropical endophytic fungi in South America applied to medicine
    Bioprospecting of Neotropical endophytic fungi applied to agriculture
    Endophytic fungi associated with Neotropical plants: a source of promising macromolecules for use in biotechnology
    Potential use of Neotropical endophytic fungi in green synthesis of nanoparticles using endophytes
    Bioprospecting of secondary bioactive metabolites produced by endophytic fungi of the medicinal Piper sp. in the Brazilian Tropical Rain Forest
    Diversity of endophytic fungi of Empetrum rubrum Vahl ex Willd (Ericaceae), a medicinal plant from austral South America.
    Digital Access Springer 2021