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    Pankaj Suman, Pranjal Chandra.
    Summary: This book presents the timeline of immunodiagnostics evolution, including advancements in immunological/nucleic acid probes, assay design, labelling techniques, and devices for signal transduction and acquisition. In the past few years, enzyme and nanocatalyst-based immune assays have undergone numerous modifications to enhance their sensitivity and potential for automation. Further, to reduce production costs and the use of laboratory animals, engineering small antibodies and nucleic acid probes (aptamers) has become increasingly popular in the development of novel and powerful bioassays. In light of the notable advancements in immunodiagnostics, this book highlights the combined efforts of clinicians, biotechnologists, material scientists, nanotechnologists and basic scientists in a coherent and highly structured way. The book takes readers on the journey of immunodiagnostic technologies, from their introduction to the present.

    Chapter 1. Timeline of the evolution of immunodiagnostics
    Chapter 2. Receptors in immunodiagnostics: Antibody and their derivatives
    Chapter 3. Engineering antibodies for biointerfacing
    Chapter 4. Alternative analyte-binding compounds for immunosensor applications
    Chapter 5. Principles and applications of immunodiagnostics using radioisotopes as tracers
    Chapter 6. Advancements and application of optical detection system in deleveopment of optical sensors
    Chapter 7. Miniaturized technologies in immunodiagnostics
    Chapter 8. Prospects of Point of care diagnostics for medical applications
    Chapter 9. Potential and advancements in namomaterial for diagnostic applications
    Chapter 10. Photoelectrochemical immunosensor in clinical diagnosis
    Chapter 11. Mutiplexing in immunodiagnosis
    Chapter 12. Biosensors for clinical samples: Considerastion and approaches
    Chapter 13. Application of immunodiagnostics in diagnosis of animal diseases
    Chapter 14. Changing trends in medical diagnosis and health monitoring with advancements in immunosensing technologies
    Chapter 15. Future perspective of immunodiagnostics in clinical applications
    Chapter 16. Commercial aspects of immunoasensors and immunoassays: Short-coming and future aspects.
    Digital Access Springer 2021