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    Nilesh Sharma, Shivendra Sahi, editors.
    The range of nanomaterial applications has expanded recently from catalysis, electronics, and filtration to therapeutics, diagnostics, agriculture, and food because of the unique properties and potentials of different nanoparticles and nanomaterials. Research shows that these exquisite particles can interact with an organism at the cellular, physiological, biochemical, and molecular levels. Our knowledge, however, of how they affect these changes, selectively or generally, in diverse organisms or ecosystems is very limited and far from satisfactory. Data indicate that the biological function largely depends on the shape, size, and surface characteristics of the nanoparticles used along with life cycle stages of an organism. This book focuses on the body of work carried out by distinguished investigators using diverse nanomaterials in both plant and animal species. It includes specific case studies as well as general reviews highlighting aspects of multilayered interactions. This volume provides a comprehensive resource for academic scholars, as well as for researchers in the concerned industries and policy makers.
    Digital Access  Springer 2021