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    editor in chief, Raymond L. Barnhill ; associate editors, A. Neil Crowson, Cynthia M. Magro, Michael W. Piepkorn, Heinz Kutzner, Garrett T. Desman.
    Summary: "This book summarizes the latest advances in the field, covering clinical presentation and features, diagnostic testing, current and new lab techniques, histologic appearances, and differential diagnoses of major skin diseases. For virtually every kind of skin lesion, this skill-sharpening resource has everything clinicians need to successfully perform differential diagnosis at the microscopic level. Barnhill's Dermatopathology features a systematic approach that cuts through the complexity of the discipline's traditional disease-oriented focus, providing a ready-to-use diagnostic approach that puts the entire world of dermatopathology into perspective. The book's vast scope encompasses all skin disease processes - inflammatory, non-inflammatory, infections, and proliferations (hamartomas, hyperplasias, and neoplasms, plus disorders of the nails, oral and genital mucosa, and conjunctiva). This fourth edition includes thoroughly updated and revised chapters ; new detailed appendices on laboratory methods, stains, and updated immunohistochemistry ; newly updated sections on various inflammatory conditions, infections, melanocytic, lymphoid, vascular, and other neoplastic conditions ; more than 1500 high-quality color images ; and two new chapters on disorders of the genital mucosa and tumors of the conjunctiva."-- Provided by publisher.

    Introduction to Microscopic Interpretation / Raymond L. Barnhill and Daniel M. Jones
    Spongiotic Dermatitis / Preeti Jhorar, Michael Murphy, and Jane M. Grant-Kels
    Interface Dermatitis / Jacqueline M. Junkins-Hopkins and Thomas D. Horn
    Psoriasiform Dermatitis / Isabella Fried, Raymond L. Barnhill
    Superficial and Deep Perivascular Dermatitis / A. Neil Crowson
    Nodular and Diffuse Cutaneous Infiltrates / Garrett Desman, Jeff D. Harvell, Raymond L. Barnhill
    Intraepidermal Vesiculopustular Diseases / Cynthia M. Magro, A. Neil Crowson, Terence J. Harrist
    Subepidermal Blistering Diseases / A. Neil Crowson and Cynthia M. Magro
    Vasculitis and Related Disorders / Sarah K. Barksdale and Raymond L. Barnhill
    Disorders of Cutaneous Appendages / Lynne J. Goldberg and Sarah K. Barksdale
    Panniculitis / Almut Boer-Auer, Raymond L. Barnhill, Birgitta Schmidt
    Cutaneous Drug Eruptions / A. Neil Crowson and Cynthia M. Magro
    Cutaneous Reactions to Exogenous Agents / A. Neil Crowson and Cynthia M. Magro
    Alterations of the Stratum Corneum and Epidermis / Michael W. Piepkorn
    Disorders of Pigmentation / A. Neil Crowson, Cynthia M. Magro, Anne Janin, and Raymond L. Barnhill
    Deposition Disorders / Franco Rongioletti, Raymond L. Barnhill
    Alterations of Collagen and Elastin / Garrett Desman and Raymond L. Barnhill
    Ectopic Tissue / Jacqueline M. Junkins-Hopkins
    Bacterial Infections / Ronald P. Rapini
    Treponemal and Rickettsial Diseases / A. Neil Crowson, Cynthia M. Magro, J. Stephen Dumler, and Raymond L. Barnhill Fungal Infections / Alexandre Alanio, Matthew W. McCarthy, Thomas J. Walsh, Raymond L. Barnhill, and Catherine Lisa Kauffman
    Viral Infections / Garrett Desman, Clay J. Cockerell, and James J. Lyons
    Protozoal and Algal Infections / Eileen Burd, Lars Westblade, and Paul Hofman
    Helminthic Diseases / Blaine A. Mathison, Raymond L. Barnhill
    Cutaneous Cysts and Related Lesions / Glynis A. Scott
    Tumors of the Epidermis / Alan S. Boyd
    Tumors of Melanocytes / Raymond L. Barnhill, Michael W. Piepkorn, Armita Bahrami, Artur Zembowicz, and Thomas Wiesner
    Tumors with Hair Follicle and Sebaceous Differentiation / Maxime Battistella, Mark R. Wick, Heinz Kutzner, Raymond L. Barnhill
    Sweat Gland Tumors / Maxime Battistella, Mark R. Wick, Heinz Kutzner, and Raymond L. Barnhill
    Fibrous and Fibrohistiocytic Tumors / Scott C. Bresler, Stefan Kraft, Jason L. Hornick, and Scott R. Granter
    Vascular Tumors and Vascular Malformations / Heinz Kutzner, Hansgeorg Muller, Michel Wassef, Steven J. Hunt, Daniel J. Santa Cruz, Raymond L. Barnhill
    Tumors of Adipose Tissue, Muscle, Cartilage, and Bone / Kristen M. Paral and Thomas Krausz
    Neural and Neuroendocrine Tumors / Zsolt B. Argenyi, Chris H. Jokinen
    Lymphoid, Leukemic, and Other Cellular Infiltrates / Werner Kempf, Guenter Burg, Cesare Massone, Lorenzo Cerroni, Melissa Pulitzer, A. Neil Crowson, and Cynthia M. Magro
    Cutaneous Metastases / Ghadah Al Sannaa, Alexander J. Lazar
    Disorders of the Nail Apparatus / Aldo Gonzalez-Serva, Raymond Barnhill
    Disorders of Oral Mucosa / Mark A. Lerman and Sook-Bin Woo
    Disorders of the Genital Mucosa / Russell A. Ball, Katherine M. Ball, Kelly L. West
    Conjunctival Tumors / Artur Zembowicz, Jakub Khzouz, Sarah E. Coupland, Nathalie Cassoux, Raymond Barnhill.
    Digital Access AccessDermatology 2020