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    Carlo Salvarani, Luigi Boiardi, Francesco Muratore, editors.
    Summary: In this book, detailed information on the nosology, pathology, pathogenesis, clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment of large- and medium-sized vessel and single-organ vasculitis is provided and critically discussed by the most expert physicians and researchers in the field. Among the conditions considered are giant cell arteritis, Takayasu arteritis, polyarteritis nodosa, primary central nervous system vasculitis, isolated aortitis, isolated gastrointestinal vasculitis, cutaneous vasculitis and isolated genitourinary vasculitis. The role of histopathology in the diagnosis and prognosis of these vasculitis is evaluated, along with the part played by imaging studies in diagnosing and monitoring these diseases, while indications and limitations of the available imaging modalities are discussed as well. The expanding role of biological agents for the treatment of the large vessel vasculitis is addressed, as well as the current approaches to these diseases. This book will be a valuable companion in decision-making for medical practitioners, internists, specialists, researchers and postgraduate students interested in the intriguing fields of vasculitis and rare diseases.

    Part 1. Giant cell arteritis
    Chapter 1. Classification criteria
    Chapter 2. Epidemiology and genetics
    Chapter 3. Pathogenesis
    Chapter 4. Clinical manifestations, differential diagnosis and laboratory markers
    Chapter 5. Histopathology and imaging
    Chapter 6. Prognosis and disease activity
    Chapter 7. Treatment
    Part 2. Takayasu arteritis
    Chapter 8. Classification criteria, Epidemiology and genetics; and Pathogenesis
    Chapter 9. Clinical manifestations, differential diagnosis and laboratory markers
    Chapter 10. Imaging
    Chapter 11. Prognosis and disease activity
    Chapter 12. Treatment
    Part 3. Polyarteritis nodosa
    Chapter 13. Cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa
    Chapter 14. Systemic polyarteritis nodosa
    Part 4. Single organ vasculitis
    Chapter 15. Primary central nervous system vasculitis
    Chapter 16. Isolated aortitis
    Chapter 17. Isolated gastrointestinal vasculitis
    Chapter 18. Cutaneous vasculitis
    Chapter 19. Isolated genitourinary vasculitis
    Part 5. Arterial and venous involvement in Behcet's disease
    Chapter 20. Arterial and venous involvement in Behcet's disease.
    Digital Access Springer 2021