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    Sidharth Kumar Sethi, Rupesh Raina, Mignon McCulloch, Timothy E. Bunchman, editors.
    Summary: The book covers advances in critical care pediatric nephrology, including care of sick children with acute kidney injury. The book contains detailed guidance on point of care ultrasound in children with acute kidney injury and use of biomarkers in critically sick children. This is an annual theme-based book with the current theme of 'point of care ultrasound in critical care pediatric nephrology and newer diagnostics in acute kidney injury'. This is the first book of the set of books to be published annually with a different theme related to critical care pediatric nephrology each year with the collaboration of the Pediatric Continous Renal Replacement Therapy (PCRRT) Foundation and International Collaboration of Nephrologists & Intensivists for Critical Care in Children (ICONIC). This annual updates book contains 20 chapters, written and edited by leading experts in pediatric intensive care, pediatric nephrology and nephrologists specializing in point of care ultrasound from across the globe. It includes top studies in the last few years in critical care pediatric nephrology on point of care ultrasound and diagnostics. Chapters cover scientifically updated information by international experts on each topic. It offers assistance to pediatricians, pediatric nephrologists, pediatric intensivists and residents.

    SECTION I: Point of Care Ultrasound: Introduction and advantages of point of care ultrasound in intensive care
    Modes and equipment
    Sonography of the kidneys
    Ultrasound guidance for procedure
    Lung ultrasound and cardiac assessment for intravascular volume status
    Permanent vascular access for hemodialysis
    Focused echocardiogram
    Need for training and certification
    SECTION II: Diagnostics: Fluid overload and kidney injury score: a multidimensional real-time assessment of renal disease burden in the critically ill patient
    Blood volume monitoring on fluid removal during intermittent hemodialysis of critically ill children with acute kidney injury
    Subclinical acute kidney injury and adverse outcomes in critically ill neonates and children
    Acute kidney injury defined by fluid corrected creatinine in neonates after the cardiac surgeries
    Pediatric AKI based on the reference change value of serum creatinin-pROCK
    Cardiac surgery-associated kidney injury in children and renal oximetry
    Serum and urine FGF23 and IGFBP-7 for the prediction of acute kidney injury in critically ill children
    Renal functional reserve and furosemide stress test
    Associations of perioperative renal oximetry via near-infrared spectroscopy, and postoperative acute kidney injury in infants after congenital heart surgery
    Using age-specific biomarker ranges for diagnosis and prognosis in pediatric AKI.
    Digital Access Springer 2021