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    Elena Lazzeri, Alberto Signore, Paola Anna Erba, Napoleone Prandini, Annibale Versari, Giovanni D'Errico, Giuliano Mariani, editors.
    Summary: This atlas explores the latest advances in radionuclide imaging in the field of inflammatory diseases and infections, which now typically includes multimodality fusion imaging (e.g. in SPECT/CT and in PET/CT). In addition to describing the pathophysiologic and molecular mechanisms on which the radionuclide imaging of infection/inflammation is based, the clinical relevance and impact of such procedures are demonstrated in a collection of richly illustrated teaching cases, which describe the most commonly observed scintigraphic patterns, as well as anatomic variants and technical pitfalls. Special emphasis is placed on using tomographic multimodality imaging to increase both the sensitivity and specificity of radionuclide imaging. The aim of the second edition of this book is to update the first (published in 2013) by reflecting the changes in this rapidly evolving field. Particular attention is paid to the latest advances in the radionuclide imaging of infection and inflammation, including the expanding role of hybrid imaging with [18F]FDG PET/CT SPECT/CT, without neglecting new radiotracers proposed for the imaging of infection/inflammation. Written by respected experts in the field, the book will be an invaluable tool for residents in nuclear medicine, as well as for other specialists.

    1 Normal Findings from Different Radiopharmaceuticals and Techniques, with Variants and Pitfalls
    2 Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Soft Tissue Infections
    3 Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Bone and Joint Infection
    4 Miscellaneous Bone and Joint conditions
    5 Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Joint Prosthesis Infections
    6 Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Vascular Prosthesis
    7 Nonorthopedic or Cardiovascular Implantable Device Infection
    8 Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Infections and Inflammation of Central Nervous System, Head and Neck Structures
    9 Infective Endocarditis and Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Device Infection
    10 Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Fever of Unknown Origin
    11 Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Abdominal Infections and Inflammation
    12 Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Diabetic Foot
    13 Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Lung Infection
    14 Nuclear Medicine Imaging in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases.
    Digital Access Springer 2021