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    Jun Ma, Nancy Y. Lee, Jiade J. Lu, editors.
    Summary: This book provides up-to-date guidance that will assist radiation oncologists during the day-to-day management of nasopharyngeal cancer. After discussion of diagnosis and staging, target delineation techniques and treatment planning are described for both intensity-modulated and particle radiation therapy. Detailed information is then presented on the application of radiation therapy in different disease settings, from early stage disease to metastatic disease. Due attention is paid to the role of multimodality treatment and new and advanced technologies in particular circumstances, such as local recurrence. In addition, follow-up and the management of late toxicities are explained and management strategies are documented for special situations and groups, including pediatric patients. The book is published within the Springer series Practical Guides in Radiation Oncology. Like other volumes in the series, it is designed for hands-on use by both radiation oncology residents and practicing radiation oncologists. It will also be of value for head and neck physicians.

    1.Diagnosis Staging of Nasopharyngeal Cancer
    2.Contouring Methods and Atlas of Organs at Risk
    3.Management of neck disease in early stage disease
    4.Multimodality Management for Locally Advanced Nasopharyngeal Cancer
    5.Intesity-modulated radiation therapy for Nasopharyngeal Cancer
    6.Particle beam radiation therapy for Nasopharyngeal Cancer
    7.Treatment of Metastatic Nasopharyngeal Cancer
    8.Salvage radiation therapy for locally recurrent Nasopharyngeal Cancer
    9.The Use of the EBV Blood Test in Clinical Management Decision
    10.Management of Radiotherapy Induced Acute Toxicities
    11.Management of Radiation-induced Late Complications and Evidence-based Surveillance for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
    12.Special Consideration in Pediatric Nasopharyngeal Cancer.
    Digital Access Springer 2021