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    Jun Ki Kim, Jeong Kon Kim, Chan-Gi Pack, editors.
    This book is a wide-ranging guide to advanced imaging techniques and related methods with important applications in translational research or convergence science as progress is made toward a new era in integrative healthcare. Conventional and advanced microscopic imaging techniques, including both non-fluorescent (i.e., label-free) and fluorescent methods, have to date provided researchers with specific and quantitative information about molecules, cells, and tissues. Now, however, the different imaging techniques can be correlated with each other and multimodal methods developed to simultaneously obtain diverse and complementary information. In addition, the latest advanced imaging techniques can be integrated with non-imaging techniques such as mass spectroscopic methods, genome editing, organic/inorganic probe synthesis, nanomedicine, and drug discovery. The book will be of high value for researchers in the biological and biomedical sciences or convergence science who need to use these multidisciplinary and integrated techniques or are involved in developing new analytical methods focused on convergence science. .
    Digital Access Springer 2021