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    Fabio Meneghini.
    Summary: Expressly designed for surgeons in training who are new to nasal rhinoplasty, this textbook is written in a simple didactic style. A century after the first open rhinoplasty was performed by Dr. Aurel Réthi in Hungary, open rhinoplasty is now the most commonly used approach to aesthetic and reconstructive nasal surgery; the author's decades of experience will safely guide the reader through her/his journey from the first contact with new patients to the postoperative analysis of clinical results. Instead of the usual classification of surgical techniques and anatomical regions, here the learning process is based on a sequence of steps, each of which addresses the most frequent problems that surgeons are likely to encounter in everyday clinical practice. In addition, the most relevant surgical instruments and electromedical devices are presented, together with their specific features and techniques, such as inclination and positioning during the procedure. Each step is richly illustrated and supported by a suggested reading list, as well as content on ethical and general principles. A specific chapter on radiological pre-evaluation assessment makes this book unique. Given its clear structure, its appealing didactic style and wealth of figures, Basic Open Rhinoplasty offers a much-valued step-by-step companion for postgraduate students, surgeons in training, and medical practitioners who deal with rhinoplasty in their clinical practice.

    Introduction - Why this Book?
    Approaching the Patient for Nasal Surgery
    Approaching the Patient for Nasal Surgery
    Views of Clinical Facial Photography for Nasal Surgery
    Facial and Nasal Clinical Analysis
    Dentofacial Analysis for Rhinoplasty Patients
    Preoperative CT Scan for Nasal Surgery
    The Rationale of Basic Open Rhinoplasty for Young Surgeons
    Rhinoplasty Treatment Plan - Basic Principles
    Individual Treatment Plan for Rhinoplasty
    Patient Preparation for Rhinoplasty
    Basic Open Rhinoplasty - An Overview
    Basic Open Rhinoplasty - Incisions and Skeletonization
    Basic Open Rhinoplasty - Intraoperative Analysis
    Open Rhinoplasty - Initial Surgical Steps
    Basic Open Rhinoplasty - Intermediate Surgical Steps
    Basic Open Rhinoplasty - Final Surgical Steps
    Basic Open Rhinoplasty - Alar Base Work and Final Nose Dressing
    Chin Surgery for Rhinoplasty Patients
    Cartilage and Fascia Harvesting for Rhinoplasty
    Postoperative Care, Complications and Unsatisfactory Results in Rhinoplasty
    A Clinical Practice Focused on Rhinoplasty.
    Digital Access Springer 2021