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    Angie Rantell, editor.
    Summary: This book provides to nurses an understanding of female sexual function and dysfunction specifically in relation to common gynecological conditions. It offers evidence based overview of assessment of sexual function, including available questionnaires and provides a multidisciplinary approach to managing sexual dysfunction, from incontinence to pelvic organ prolapse and recurrent urinary tract infections. It also covers a holistic approach including over the counter and home treatments, psychological therapies, physical therapies, pharmacological options and if necessary more invasive interventions. Sexual function and pelvic floor dysfunction is often a neglected area due to the taboo nature of discussions. This book aims to educate nurses, to help them understand the types of treatment options available, and encourage them to engage in conversations about sexual function with women, so that they can be referred to appropriate health professionals and access the right care.

    Chapter 1. Introduction
    Chapter 2. Models of female sexual function
    Chapter 3. What is sexual dysfunction?
    Chapter 4. Impact of Incontinence on female sexual function
    Chapter 5. Impact of Pelvic organ prolapse
    Chapter 6. Impact of recurrent urinary tract infections
    Chapter 7. Impact of Genitourinary Syndrome of the Menopause
    Chapter 8. Introducing the subject to women
    Chapter 9. History taking and physical examination
    Chapter 10. Subjective and objective outcome measures
    Chapter 11. Over the counter and home remedies /devices
    Chapter 12. Psychological therapies
    Chapter 13. Physical therapies
    Chapter 14. Pharmacological and surgical management
    Chapter 15. Partners / impact of male issues
    Chapter 16. Access to services and help seeking behaviour.
    Digital Access Springer 2021