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    Hardik P. Amin, Joseph L. Schindler, editors.
    Springer Nature eBook.
    Summary: This book provides a concise review for practitioners in preparation for the Vascular Neurology Boards including the Maintenance of Certification exam. A valuable second edition, expertly written text is supplemented with new treatment paradigms as well as new and updated trial results. Beginning with a general overview on how to prepare for the exam, this practical guide emphasizes clinically relevant scientific principles that must be mastered by the stroke clinician. Subsequent chapters examine specific epidemiological risk factors that can cause strokes, and discuss stroke pathophysiology, classification, and vascular neuroanatomy. Further subject analysis extends to specific demographics who are genetically predisposed to experiencing a stroke, including those with comorbidities and preexisting conditions. Closing chapters then focus on systems of treatment, such as stroke rehab, pharmacology, and various systems of care. Vascular Neurology Board Review, Second Edition, is not only written to act as a guide for the neurology resident and fellow, but also as a useful framework for non-neurologists.

    Chapter 1. How to Prepare for the Exam
    Chapter 2: Initial Stroke Evaluation
    Chapter 3: Vascular Neuroanatomy
    Chapter 4: Stroke Syndromes
    Chapter 5: Epidemiology & Risk Factors
    Chapter 6: Stroke Pathophysiology
    Chapter 7: Classification of Stroke
    Chapter 8: Stroke Treatment, Early Management and Secondary Prevention
    Chapter 9: Clinical Cardiology
    Chapter 10: Genetic Stroke Syndromes
    Chapter 11: Special Populations
    Chapter 12: Complications of Stroke
    Chapter 13: Intra-cranial Hemorrhage
    Chapter 14: Vascular Malformations of the Brain and Spine
    Chapter 15: Hematologic Disorders
    Chapter 16: Neuro -Radiology
    Chapter 17: Vascular Cognitive Disorders
    Chapter 18: Stroke Rehab
    Chapter 19: Pharmacology
    Chapter 20: Stroke Systems of Care
    Chapter 21. Peri-Operative Stroke.
    Digital Access Springer 2020