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    Sanchia S. Goonewardene, Karen Ventii, Amit Bahl, Raj Persad, Hanif Motiwala, David Albala.
    Summary: This book provides a systematic review of the management and treatment of this disease. The concise and highly structured chapters feature essential background knowledge and commentary on recent advances within each step of a range of patient pathways. Management of Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer provides a framework for patients' care based on the research, as well as practically and clinically oriented guidelines. This book is relevant to trainees and practicing urologists and oncologists, in addition to medical professionals involved in the treatment of bladder cancer.

    1. Introduction to muscle invasive bladder cancer
    2. Epidemiology and risk factors in muscle invasive bladder cancer
    3. The molecular basis of muscle invasive bladder cancer
    4. Histological variants in MIBC
    squamous cell and squamous differentiation
    5. Histological variants in muscle invasive bladder cancer - adenocarcinoma
    6. Histological variants in muscle invasive bladder Cancer
    sarcomatoid cancer
    7. MIBC Carcinosarcoma
    8. Muscle invasive bladder cancer- small cell
    9. MIBC plasmacytoid
    10. MIBC and micropapillary bladder cancer
    11. MIBC bladder cancer assessment and diagnosis
    12. A systematic review on blue light cystoscopy in bladder cancer diagnostics
    13. A systematic review on the staging conundrum in bladder cancer
    14. Current state of investigations and limitations in muscle invasive bladder cancer
    15. Risk stratification in bladder cancer
    16. Preventative measures for those with high risk MIBC
    17. Bladder cancer risk post pelvic irradiation
    18. A systematic review on bladder preservation strategies and MIBC
    19. Partial cystectomy
    20. Muscle invasive bladder cancer and neoadjuvant chemotherapy
    21. Controversies in clinical effectiveness of neoadjuvant chemotherapy
    22. Trimodal therapy in bladder cancer
    23. Systematic review on trimodal therapy in bladder cancer
    24. Trimodal therapy
    a systematic review
    25. Reviews related to trimodal therapy for MIBC
    26. Radical cystectomy lap open robotic
    27. Prostate sparing cystectomy
    a systematic review
    28. A systematic review on nerve sparing cystoprostatectomy
    29. MIBC
    orthotopic vs ileal conduit
    30. MIBC
    a systematic review on orthotopic neobladder vs. ileal conduit
    31. MIBC and radical cystectomy in the elderly
    32. MIBC radical radiotherapy
    33. MIBC
    quality of life with urinary diversion
    34. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy for muscle invasive bladder cancer
    35. Muscle invasive bladder cancer and the staging conundrum
    36. Radical cystectomy outcomes
    37. Muscle Invasive bladder cancer and neoadjuvant chemotherapy
    38. Muscle invasive bladder cancer and the staging conundrum
    39. Physical pre-habilitation prior to radical cystectomy
    40. Exercise therapy pre surgery
    41. Patient fitness for surgery
    42. CPEX testing prior to major urological surgery
    43. Cardio-pulmonary exercise testing and major urological surgery
    44. Robotic radical cystectomy and enhanced recovery
    45. The robotic approach to redo surgery
    46. Robotic cystectomy and intracorporeal neobladder formation
    47. Secondary pelvic malignancies and bladder cancer
    48. Organ sparing cystectomy
    49. Robotic radical cystectomy
    50. Robotic cystectomy and intracorporeal stoma formation
    51. Orthotopic neobladders vs. ileal conduits
    52. The role of enhanced recovery in robotic cystectomy
    53. Robotic radical cystectomy and lymph node dissection
    54. Robotic cystectomy and sentinel node mapping
    55. Robotic radical cystectomy and intracorporeal stoma formation
    56. Lap vs open vs robotic cystectomy
    57. A systematic review on obesity in bladder cancer
    58. Systematic review results on obesity in bladder cancer
    59. Reviews on BMI and bladder cancer
    60. Survivorship Issues in muscle invasive bladder cancer
    61. Muscle invasive bladder cancer and health related quality of life
    62. Body image in bladder cancer
    63. The rationale for neoadjuvant chemotherapy
    64. Support for partners in bladder cancer.
    Digital Access Springer 2021