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    Adam J. Rosh, Ciara J. Barclay-Buchanan.
    Summary: "The trusted resource that asks the right questions so that you'll will be equipped with the answers. Emergency Medicine : PreTest® is the perfect way to ensure that you are prepared for the Emergency Medicine shelf exam. Written by clerkship faculty and reviewed by students who know what it takes to pass, Emergency Medicine : PreTest® is perfect for clerkship exam review and the USMLE Step 2CK. You'll find hundreds of high-yield questions, along with targeted answers explaining both correct and incorrect choices. This new edition has been heavily revised to reflect the latest information and practice, including a new chapter on professionalism, communication and ethics. 570 USMLE-style Q & A cover core topics on the clerkship exam. Complete explanations explain each answer option. Answer discussions highlight essential topics for high-yield review. Tested and reviewed by students who know what it takes to pass."--Taken from back cover

    Chest pain and cardiac dysrhythmias. Questions ; Answers
    Shortness of breath. Questions ; Answers
    Abdominal and pelvic pain. Questions ; Answers
    Trauma, shock, and resuscitation. Questions ; Answers
    Fever. Questions ; Answers
    Poisoning and overdose. Questions ; Answers
    Altered mental status. Questions ; Answers
    Gastrointestinal bleeding. Questions ; Answers
    Musculoskeletal injuries. Questions ; Answers
    Headache, weakness, and dizziness. Questions ; Answers
    Pediatrics. Questions ; Answers
    Vaginal bleeding. Questions ; Answers
    Ultrasound in emergency medicine. Questions ; Answers
    Environmental exposures. Questions ; Answers
    Eye pain and visual change. Questions ; Answers
    Prehospital, disaster, and administration. Questions ; Answers
    Wound care. Questions ; Answers
    Endocrine emergencies. Questions ; Answers
    Psychosocial disorders. Questions ; Answers
    Emerging infectious diseases. Questions ; Answers
    Professionalism, ethics, and communication. Questions ; Answers
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