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    Lawton Robert Burns.
    Summary: "This text is differentiated from the many other healthcare delivery texts available in that it gives equal attention to the parties that pay for health care, the parties that provide healthcare, and the parties that produce the products used in healthcare. To this end, the author weaves a common thread throughout every chapter in the book that the goals of healthcare relate to the the iron triangle(cost, quality, and access) and the triple aim (per capita cost, population, health, and patient experience)"-- Provided by publisher.

    A Guide Through the Wilderness
    What as a Healthcare System?
    Population Health
    Goals of Healthcare
    The 800-Pound Gorilla : Rising Healthcare Costs
    Managing Quality : Another 800-Pound Gorilla?
    Healthcare Providers
    The Medical Profession
    Primary Care : Physicians, Nurses, and Pharmacists
    Hospital Diversification, Restructuring, and Integration
    Organized Ambulatory Care
    Post-Acute Care
    Employer-Based Health Insurance
    Contracting for Prescription Drug Benefits : Role of Employers, Insurers, and Pharmacy Benefit Managers
    Private Health Insurance and Managed Care Organizations
    Medicaid and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
    The Healthcare Technology Sectors
    The Pharmaceutical Sector
    The Biotechnology Sector
    The MedTech Sector
    Healthcare Information Technology
    The Federal Bureaucracy, the US Congress, and Healthcare Policy
    The Public Health System.
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