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    Rifat Latifi, Charles R. Doarn, Ronald C. Merrell, editors.
    Summary: Telemedicine and telehealth have consistently been shown to be effective for remote areas or limited-resource locations, regular medical and surgical practice, primary care, second opinion, extreme conditions, major crises, and disaster management. The aim of this book is to bring all aspects of telemedicine and e-health to the reader, in a simple, make-sense approach, in one tome. The book is structured in four parts with 29 chapters written by the best experts in the field from around the world, including clinicians, scientists, and administrators of telemedicine programs. Part I deals with basic principles of telemedicine and telepresence. Historical journeys of telemedicine and strategies, building sustainable telemedicine and telehealth programs in the United States and in the Balkans, as well as incorporation of telemedicine in the current ongoing pandemic COVID-19 are well described and are must read. Current technological developments, rules and regulations, legal and business aspects and consent are also addressed. Part II describes strategies for building sustainable telemedicine and telehealth programs. Telehealth patient portals and public-private partnership modes of technology, as well the role of international telemedicine and how to make it work, are valuable chapters of great significance. Part III describes outcomes-based evidence clinical applications of telemedicine in trauma, burns, intensive care, pediatric care, psychiatry, and stroke. Finally, one important chapter for the readers is the telemedicine for prison and jail population. The final part, Part IV depicts surgical telementoring and teleproctoring, a chapter written by 18 various surgical experts, a true gem for the readers. The book ends with promises and hurdles of telemedicine in austere conditions. Telemedicine, Telehealth and Telepresence serves as a valuable resource that focuses on providing patients care from a distance using store and forward technology to live actual performance of operations at a distance.

    First Trainees. The Golden Anniversary of the Early History of Telemedicine Education at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard (1968-1970)
    Initiate-Build-Operate-Transfer (IBOT) Strategy Twenty-years Later: Tales from the Balkans and Africa
    Clinical Telemedicine Practice: From Ad Hoc Medicine to Modus Operandi
    Incorporation of Telemedicine in Disaster Management: Beyond The Era of COVID-19 Pandemic
    Telemedicine and Health Information Exchange: An Opportunity for Integration
    Telehealth Dissemination and Implementation (D & I) Research: Analysis of the PCORI Telehealth-Related Research Portfolio
    Standards and Guidelines in Telehealth: Creating a Compliance and Evidence-based Telehealth Practice
    Federal and State Policies on Telehealth Reimbursement
    Legal and Regulatory Implications of Telemedicine
    Business Aspects of Telemedicine
    Advancing Telehealth to Improve Access to Health in Rural America
    Innovative Governance Model for a Sustainable State-Wide University-Based Telemedicine Program
    Telehealth Patient Portal: Opportunities and Reality
    Technology Enabled Remote Health Care in Public Private Partnership Mode: A Story From India
    International and Global Telemedicine: Making it Work
    Technological Advances Making Telemedicine and Telepresence Possible
    Survey of the Direct-to-Hospital (DTH) Telemedicine and Telehealth Services Industry (2014-2018)
    Telemedicine for Trauma and Emergency Care Management
    Telemedicine for Burn Care: The Commonsense Telemedicine
    Telemedicine for Intensive Care
    Telehealth in Pediatric Care
    Overview of Child Telebehavioral Interventions Using Real-Time Videoconferencing
    Telemedicine for Psychiatry and Mental Health
    Telestroke and Teleneurology
    Telemedicine for Prisons and Jail Population: A Solution to Increase Access to Care
    Surgical Telementoring and Teleproctoring
    The Promise and Hurdles of Telemedicine in Diabetes Foot Care Delivery
    Telemedicine in Austere Conditions.
    Digital Access Springer 2021