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    Sudhir Bahadur, Subramania Iyer, editors.
    Summary: Tumor biology varies at different subsites in the oral cavity, and therefore carcinoma of the gingivo-buccal sulcus (also known as Indian cancer) behaves differently from carcinoma of the tongue. Oral cancer is very often diagnosed at an advanced stage with neck metastasis, and most cases have a guarded prognosis. Loco-regional recurrences are frequent and morbidity following treatment is considerable. However, results have improved in recent years, particularly in early and certain advanced stages, due to better imaging and case selection, improved surgical techniques, including those for reconstructive surgery, a multidisciplinary team approach and a better understanding of tumor biology and prognostic factors. This book comprehensively and systematically reviews all these aspects of diagnostic and therapeutic advances in oral cancer, particularly discussing early detection, epidemiology, chemoprevention and current research. Written by specialists who are active leaders in basic sciences or clinical fields, the chapters address individual and collective issues in managing patients with oral cancer, and provide insights into various treatment approaches. The authors share their knowledge and experience and provide extensive literature sources to encourage clinicians to be flexible, innovative and help them make the best, educated decisions for individual patients.

    Epidemiology of oral cancers
    Molecular biology of oral cancers
    Pathology, histology and precancerous oral lesions
    Surgical anatomy, mandible and tumor spread in oral cancers
    Tumors of oral cavity: Diagnosis, assessment and staging/treatment guidelines
    Tumors of gingivo-buccal sulcus
    Tumors of the tongue
    Management of neck metastasis in oral cancers
    Residual/Recurrent oral tumors
    Complications of surgery in oral cancers
    Reconstruction of soft tissue defects in oral cancers
    Reconstruction of mandible after oral cancer surgery
    Principles of radiotherapy in oral cancers
    Quality of life issues in oral cancers.
    Digital Access Springer 2021