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    Alberto Ferlin, Silvia Migliaccio, editors.
    Summary: This book represents a comprehensive, clinically oriented text covering all aspects of male osteoporosis, from the basic concepts of bone physiology and regulation of bone remodeling in men, the causes and pathophysiological mechanisms responsible for the most frequent causes of osteoporosis, to diagnostic and screening protocols, as well as prevention and treatment approaches. It offers a broad overview of male osteoporosis by specialists involved in research and clinical practice and discusses the practical issues encountered. Filling a gap in the literature, this volume is a valuable resource for general practitioners, clinical endocrinologists, geriatricians and experts in osteoporosis. .

    Introductory remarks: Gender differences in osteoporosis: from research to treatment
    Anatomy and histology of male skeletal tissue: gender differences
    Physiology of bone mass acquisition and pathophysiology of bone mass loss: gender differences Epidemiology of male osteoporosis and fractures
    Economic and social impact of male osteoporosis and fractures
    Diagnosis of osteoporosis and fracture risk assessment: gender differences (anamnesis, algorithms, blood tests, DXA)
    Male osteoporosis and imaging (QUS, CT, RM, xray)
    Causes and pathophysiology of osteoporosis in men: Introduction: causes and risk factors for male osteoporosis
    Genetics of osteoporosis: gender differences
    Aging and bone loss
    Androgens and bone
    Estrogens and male osteoporosis
    Vitamin D and male osteoporosis
    Testicular function and skeletal alterations
    Endocrinological causes of male osteoporosis
    Osteoporosis in Klinefelter syndrome
    Nutritional disturbances and osteoporosis during puberty (anorexia, bulimia)
    Lifestyle and osteoporosis risk in men (physical activity, diet, alcohol abuse)
    Drug induced male osteoporosis
    Obesity and male osteoporosis: protective factor?
    HIV and osteoporosis
    Cardiovascular risk and osteoporosis: is there a link?
    Osteoporosis and hormonal therapy in prostate cancer
    Doping and skeletal alterations
    Sarcopenia-osteoporosis: the fragile man
    Prevention, screening and treatment: Prevention of male osteoporosis in the different ages
    Screening foroporosis in men: critical summary of international guidelines
    Androgen therapy
    Vitamin D supplementation
    Pharmacological therapy
    Femur fragility fracture in men and surgical therapy risks
    Rehabilitation therapy after surgery in osteoporotic patients
    Future research and clinical issues.
    Digital Access Springer 2020