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    Alfred Atanda Jr., John F. Lovejoy III, editors.
    Summary: As the healthcare landscape evolves towards value-based treatment models, healthcare providers will be forced to find ways to deliver healthcare in a cost-effective, resource mindful way that provides good care, all the while maintaining appropriate patient satisfaction. Telemedicine offers a way to achieve this goal, in both rural and urban settings and with a varied and diverse patient population - not to mention during global health emergencies, where in-person visits and consultations are not ideal. This book will serve as an introduction to telemedicine and digital health for the orthopedic and sports medicine provider. It will provide a general overview of telemedicine as well as specific suggestions and recommendations: where and how to get started, how to implement a telemedicine program, how to do research in telemedicine, and how to develop clinical guidelines and best practices for work in telemedicine. Specific chapters cover important nuts-and-bolts topics like regulation and licensing, billing and coding, and ethics and etiquette. Suggestions and considerations for provider-to-provider, direct-to-consumer, and school-based telemedicine service are likewise presented. Finally, insights into global telemedicine implementation and research are detailed. While describing specific applications to orthopedic and sports medicine practices, Telemedicine in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine will cater to any clinician - from the individual solo practitioner to the C-suite level executive - who has a vision for implementation of telemedicine across an entire health system.

    History and Evolution of Telemedicine
    Telemedicine Regulation and Licensing
    Telemedicine Billing and Coding
    Legal Compliance in Telemedicine
    Ethical Concerns in Telemedicine
    Telemedicine Etiquette
    Virtual Musculoskeletal Examination Using Telemedicine
    Development and Implementation of Telemedicine in Practice
    A Case Study in Telemedicine: Cerebral Palsy
    Provider-to-Provider Telemedicine Consultation
    Direct-to-Consumer Telemedicine
    School-Based Telemedicine Services
    Telemedicine in a Time of Crisis: The COVID-19 Experience
    Global Telemedicine Health and Educational Initiatives
    Telemedicine Research and Quality Assessment.
    Digital Access Springer 2021