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    Consolato M. Sergi.
    Summary: This book covers the full range of pathologic conditions encountered during childhood and youth, including tumors and tumor-like conditions of all organ systems, with direct links to developmental biology pathways and genetics. It provides a user-friendly road map to the main diagnostic criteria and combines an organ-related approach with an explanation of the diagnostic approaches to various specific diseases and syndromes, including sequential segmental analysis of congenital heart disease. More than 1000 new full-color macro- and microphotographs using more than 500 multi-photographic panels are included to provide a realistic basis for comparison macroscopically and under the lens, and summarizing tables highlight key information in the concise form required for at-a-glance review. Pathologists will find the book very helpful when signing out complex and challenging cases, and it will also prove invaluable for exam preparation and continuing medical education.

    Cardiovascular System
    Lower Respiratory Tract
    Gastrointestinal Tract
    Pancreas, Gallbladder, and Extrahepatric Biliary System
    Kidney, Pelvis, and Ureter
    Lower Urinary and Male Genital System
    Female Genital System
    Hemato-Lymphoid System
    Endocrine System
    Soft Tissue
    Arthro-Skeletal System
    Head & Neck
    Central Nervous System
    Peripheral Nervous System
    Placenta, Abnormal Conception, and Prematurity. .
    Digital Access Springer 2020