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    Pritam Singh Ajmani.
    Summary: The book covers the basics of genetics and immunology, technical aspects of blood banking and transfusion. It offers a concise, and practical approach for different blood tests and guidelines on the best ways to take donor history, screen donors, store blood components, ensure safety, and anticipate the potentially adverse effects of blood transfusion, components and its management at the bedside. Different chapters include important topics such as collection, storage and transportation of blood, introduction to blood transfusion, blood group serology, discovery of blood groups, donor selection, interview, and its preparation, and storage, pretransfusion testing, transfusion therapy, clinical considerations, and safety, quality assurance, and data management developed specifically for medical technologists and resident doctors. The book also goes beyond preoperative patient blood management, with detailed accounts of coagulation disorder management and the administration of coagulation products and platelet concentrates. The book also defines the components of a learning health system necessary to enable continued improvement in trauma care in both the civilian and the military sectors. This book offers a succinct and user-friendly resource with key points, boxes, tables & charts and is a quick reference guide for pathology and transfusion medicine residents and doctors in blood centers and hospitals dealing with regulatory aspects, transfusion safety, production and storage and donor care.

    Introduction to Blood Transfusion
    Blood Group & Immunology
    Donor Blood Collection
    Collection, Storage and Transportation of Blood
    Transfusion of Blood and Blood Components
    Blood Component Preparation
    Blood Test in Immunohematology & Blood Banking
    Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn
    History of Blood Transfusion
    Massive Blood Transfusion
    Autologous Blood Transfusion
    Blood Management
    Blood Bank Protocols
    Blood Bank Inventory
    Transfusion Reactions.
    Digital Access Springer 2020