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    edited by Chiara Robba, Giuseppe Citerio.
    Summary: The aim of this book is to educate and train practitioners in the safe and professional use of diagnostic ultrasound imaging in the visualization and interpretation of various cerebral conditions not only in neurointensive care, but also in the operating room and, in general, cardiothoracic and neurocritical care settings. It is chiefly intended for anaesthetists and intensivists with a basic knowledge of ultrasound physics, but also for neurosurgeons and neurologists. All chapters were coordinated by the Editors, with experiences in hands-on courses on Echography and Doppler of the Brain, and prepared by international experts. The book covers from basic principles to estimation of intracranial pressure and cerebral perfusion. The topics cover emergency department and prehospital brain US as part of POCUS and US multiorgan evaluation to general intensive care, neurointensive care and anesthesia, including special populations as pregnant and children and setting as LMIC. Clinical scenarios complete the book. An innovative and unique guide that equips readers to perform bedside and non-invasive assessments for a range of cerebrovascular diseases.

    Part I. Technology, views and normal echo anatomy
    Physical principles probe/Technology
    Basic anatomy with TCCD and vessels
    Windows and practical approach: the MoTOr
    Limitations and pitfalls
    The minimal, intermediate and advanced skills: how to boost your competencies
    Part II. PI, FV, Autoregulation, Cr Cl
    Intracranial pressure
    Brain US for cerebral perfusion
    Part III. Pathology and clinical applications: Emergency department
    Emergency department and prehospital brain US as part of POCUS and US multiorgan evaluation
    Part IV. Liver failure, metabolic coma, sepsis
    Meningitis, stroke
    Cardiac arrest
    ARDS (protective ventilation), ECMO
    Part V. Intracerebral haematomas, midlineshift, hydrocephalus
    SAH Vasospasm
    Brain US in the neurologic settings
    Brain death
    Part VI. Pathology and clinical applications: Applications in neurosurgery
    Applications in neurosurgery
    Applications in low middle income countries
    Part VII. Pathology and clinical applications: specific considerations
    Pediatric population
    Pregnant patients
    Part VIII. Pathology and clinical applications: Intraoperative applications
    Non cardiac surgery
    Cardiac surgery
    Part X. Pathology and clinical applications
    Clinical cases images: clinical scenarios.
    Digital Access Springer 2021