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    Domenico Piccolo, Dimitra Kostaki, Giuliana Crisman.
    Summary: This quick guide demonstrates the value of dermoscopy before, during, and after the treatment of a wide variety of vascular and other skin lesions with laser and/or intense pulsed light (IPL). The coverage includes the treatment of benign pigmented pathologies, melanocytic nevi, seborrheic dermatoses, solar lentigines, telangiectasias, flat angiomas, port-wine scars, other vascular pathologies, keloids and hypertrophic scars, acne and post-traumatic scars, and tattoos. Practically oriented information is also supplied on the dermoscopic technique, the principles of use of lasers and IPL in dermatology, laser-tissue interactions, and types of laser. This will help the reader to comprehend the importance of lasers and IPL in clinical practice and provide excellent preparation for the use of dermoscopy to visualize the targets to be hit with laser or IPL. The inclusion of more than 100 color photos stored before, during, and after dermoscopy-aided laser or IPL treatment documents the results that can be achieved even in pathologies that were very difficult to cure until several years ago.

    1 The dermoscopic technique and equipment
    2 Laser in dermatology: basic principles
    3 Laser-tissue interaction
    4 Types of lasers
    5 Intense pulsed light: basic principles and phototherapy
    6 Dermoscopy applied to laser and IPL treatments: benign pigmented pathologies.
    7 Dermoscopy applied to laser and IPL treatments: melanocytic nevi
    8 Dermoscopy applied to laser and IPL treatments: seborrheic dermatoses and solar lentigo
    9 Dermoscopy and vascular pathologies
    10 Dermoscopy and telangiectasias
    11 Dermoscopy in the treatment of flat angiomas and port-wine scars
    12 Dermoscopy for treating keloids and hypertrophic scars
    13 Dermoscopy in the treatment of acne and post-traumatic scars
    14 Dermoscopy in the removal of tattoos
    15 Conclusions.
    Digital Access Springer 2020