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    Janani Rangaswami, Edgar V. Lerma, Peter A. McCullough, editors.
    Summary: This book is the first title that focuses exclusively on kidney disease and its impact in the cardiac catheterization laboratory. The increasing prevalence of vascular risk factors such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension coupled with increased longevity has resulted in a worldwide epidemic of cardiovascular and chronic kidney disease (CKD). Never has the impact of one organ system on the other been so profound, as in the current context of cardio-renal interactions. The cross talk between the heart and kidneys is highly relevant in the field of interventional cardiology, given the increasing number of trans-catheter procedures being performed in patients with underlying kidney disease. These procedures also have a significant impact on kidney function and require thoughtful interdisciplinary planning by a cardiorenal team, to achieve optimal outcomes This book assembles the collective expertise of several international leaders in the field of interventional cardiology and nephrology to summarize this complex interface. The book is divided into seven sections to comprehensively cover the topic, including sections on best practices with reduction of contrast associated acute kidney injury, cutting edge techniques to minimize kidney risk with complex interventions, impact of transcatheter valvular procedures on kidney function and the utility of cardio-nephrology teams. Less recognized complications with high morbidity such as athero-embolic renal disease are featured prominently, to increase awareness in the interventional cardiology and nephrology communities. This book is a valuable resource for interventional and structural cardiologists, general cardiologists and nephrologists dealing with the significant overlap areas between these two specialties. It is also relevant to medical students, trainee physicians in nephrology and cardiology, advanced care practitioners and nursing personnel in both specialties . Given the major impact of kidney function on outcome s in patients undergoing cardiac procedures, this textbook serves as a focal point to integrate relevant clinical data from both specialties and help interventional cardiologists achieve optimal outcomes, especially in patients with (or at risk for) kidney disease.

    Coronary artery disease in CKD: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology and Clinical Outcomes
    Noninvasive testing in the diagnosis of ischemic heart disease in CKD: Scope, Pitfalls and Future Directions
    Peripheral Arterial Disease in CKD: Disease Burden, Outcomes and Interventional Strategies
    Cardiovascular impact of Atherosclerotic Renovascular Disease
    Platelet Function testing and antiplatelet agent choice in CKD
    Choice of stents and clinical outcomes in patients with CKD
    Revascularization strategies in CKD: PCI vs CABG
    Approach to revascularization in the potential kidney transplant recipient
    Nephrology consultative approach and risk stratification prior to revascularization in CKD
    Contrast Induced AKI: Epidemiology, risk stratification and prognosis
    Contrast induced AKI: Pathophysiological Mechanisms
    Prevention of Contrast Induced AKI: Summary of volume optimization strategies
    Prevention of Contrast induced AKI: Contrast medium selection, adjuvant strategies and best clinical practices
    Intra procedural and operator strategies for reduction of contrast induced AKI
    Effect of Percutaneous Ventricular Assist Devices on Renal Function
    Renal athero-embolic disease: An underdiagnosed entity
    Acute kidney injury with trans catheter aortic valve replacement
    Impact of kidney disease in catheter based mitral valve interventions
    Acute kidney injury with peripheral vascular interventions
    Renal Artery Stenosis: State of the Art in Diagnosis and Management
    Renal Denervation: Physiology, scope and current evidence
    Economic impact of AKI and CKD in cardiac interventions
    Biomarkers in early risk stratification and management of post catheterization AKI
    Utilization of the cardio nephrology collaborative in the era of value based medicine.
    Digital Access Springer 2020