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    editor-in-chief, Susan Standring ; section editors, Neel Anand [and 12 others] ; special editors, Richard Tunstall [and two others].
    Historical introduction
    Anatomical nomenclature
    Basic structure and function of cells
    Integrating cells into tissues
    Nervous system
    Blood, lymphoid tissues and haemopoiesis
    Functional anatomy of the musculoskeletal system
    Smooth muscle and the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems
    Skin and its appendages
    Fluorescence microscopy today: A perspective
    Electron microscopy in the twenty-first century
    Merkel cells
    The reaction of peripheral nerves to injury
    A critical evaluation of the current status of myofascial chains
    Preimplantation development
    Implantation and placentation
    Cell populations at gastrulation
    Overarching concepts in development
    Cell populations at the start of organogenesis
    Development of the heart and circulation
    Development of the nervous system
    Development of the eye
    Development of the ear
    Development of the head and neck
    Development of the back
    Development of the limbs
    Development of the lungs, thorax and respiratory diaphragm
    Development of the peritoneal cavity, gastrointestinal tract and its adnexae
    Development of the urogenital system
    Pre- and postnatal growth and the neonate
    Head-trunk interface in the vertebrate embryo
    Overview of the nervous system
    Meninges and ventricular system
    Vascular supply and drainage of the brain
    Spinal cord
    Basal ganglia
    Cerebral hemispheres
    Comparative anatomy of the corticospinal system
    Head and neck:: Overview and surface anatomy
    The skull
    Face and scalp
    Infratemporal and pterygopalatine fossae and temporomandibular joint
    Nose, nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses
    External and middle ear
    Inner ear
    Orbit and accessory visual apparatus
    Spinal cord and spinal nerves: Gross anatomy
    Pectoral girdle and upper limb: overview and surface anatomy
    Shoulder girdle and arm
    Elbow and forearm
    Wrist and hand
    Nerve biomechanics
    The anatomy and variation of the coracoid attachment of the subclavius muscle and its relation to the clavi-coraco-axillary aponeurosis
    Instability of the shoulder - a neurological disease
    Thorax: Overview and surface anatomy
    Chest wall and breast
    Pleura, lungs, trachea and bronchi
    Respiratory diaphragm and phrenic nerves
    Great vessels
    Breast cancer
    Computed tomography coronary angiography (CTCA) of anomalous coronary vasculature
    Abdomen and pelvis: Overview and surface anatomy
    Anterior abdominal wall
    Posterior abdominal wall and retroperitoneum
    Peritoneum, mesentery and peritoneal cavity
    Abdominal oesophagus and stomach
    Small intestine
    Large intestine
    Gallbladder and biliary tree
    Suprarenal gland
    Lesser pelvis and perineum
    Kidney and ureter
    Bladder, prostate and urethra
    Male reproductive system
    Female reproductive system
    The mesentery and the mesenteric model of abdominal compartmentalization
    Pelvic girdle and lower limb: Overview and surface anatomy
    Pelvic girdle, hip, gluteal region and thigh
    Knee and leg
    Ankle and foot
    Functional anatomy and biomechanics of the pelvis
    A proposed novel action of psoas minor
    Anterolateral ligament of the knee
    The anatomy of the peripheral nervous system
    The anatomy of the vascular and lymphatic systems
    A note on anatomy from an imaging perspective
    Technical aspects and applications of diagnostic radiology
    Imaging the ageing musculoskeletal system
    Cinematic rendering offers entirely new possibilities for studying human anatomy
    Digital Access ClinicalKey 2021