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    Barbara Janson Cohen, MSEd, Shirley A. Jones, MSEd, MHA, MSN, EMT-P, RN
    Summary: "Medical Terminology: An Illustrated Guide, Ninth Edition helps readers develop a fundamental knowledge of the medical terminology necessary for a career in any health care setting."-- Back cover.

    Part I. Introduction to Medical Terminology
    Chapter 1. Concepts, Suffixes, and Prefixes of Medical Terminology
    Chapter 2. Body Structure
    Chapter 3. Disease and Treatment
    Part II. Body Systems
    Chapter 4. Integumentary System
    Chapter 5. Skeletal System
    Chapter 6. Muscular System
    Chapter 7. Nervous System and Mental Health
    Chapter 8. Special Senses: Ear and Eye
    Chapter 9. Endocrine System
    Chapter 10. Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems
    Chapter 11. Blood and Immunity
    Chapter 12. Respiratory System
    Chapter 13. Digestive System
    Chapter 14. Urinary System
    Chapter 15. Male Reproductive System
    Chapter 16. Female Reproductive System; Pregnancy and Birth
    Appendix 1. Commonly Used Symbols
    Appendix 2. Abbreviations and Their Meanings
    Appendix 3. Word Parts and Their Meanings
    Appendix 4. Meanings and Their Corresponding Word Parts
    Appendix 5. Word Roots
    Appendix 6. Suffixes
    Appendix 7. Prefixes
    Appendix 8. Metric Measurements
    Appendix 9. Stedman's Medical Dictionary at a Glance
    Appendix 10. Drugs
    Appendix 11. Answer Key.
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