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    Amitabha Acharya, editors.
    Summary: This book comprehensively reviews the recent advances in nanomaterial-based molecular imaging, diagnostics, and personalized therapy. It discusses the novel biocompatible fluorescent nanomaterials, their synthesis, and modern state of art characterization, as well as the various strategies for immobilization of biomacromolecules on the nanomaterial surface and approaches for increasing their stability. In addition, the book describes the synthesis of lectin nanoconjugates using different types of biocompatible raw materials and their systematic characterization. Lastly, it presents our current understanding of the biomolecular carona, which affects nanoparticle-based targeted drug delivery, and examines the conceptual approaches to improve the in-vivo efficacy of targeted drug delivery.

    Chapter 1. Nanomaterials: From research to personalized medicine
    Chapter 2. Introduction to molecular imaging, diagnostics and therapy
    Chapter 3. Biocompatible fluorescent nanomaterials for molecular imaging applications
    Chapter 4. Nanomaterials for Point of Care Disease Detection
    Chapter 5. Biomolecules immobilized nanomaterials and their biological applications
    Chapter 6. Lectin nanoconjugates for targeted therapeutic applications
    Chapter 7. Plant Based Polymeric Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
    Chapter 8. Nanomaterials at the biological interphase: Protein corona formation and infusion
    Chapter 9. Critical overview of the subject: Current scenario and future prospects.
    Digital Access Springer 2020