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  • Book
    edited by Pranjal Chandra, Rajiv Prakash.
    Summary: This book comprehensively documents the application of Nanobiomaterials in the field of bio-medicine and diagnostics technologies by involving classical concepts/examples. Nanobiotechnology is an emerging area which encompasses all the facets of research of nano and biomaterials with their interaction with biological systems. The book summarises design and development of various nanobiomaterials and their composites for diagnostics and therapeutic applications. It skilfully reviews the utilization of the nanomaterials alone or in combination with other bio-molecules as a contrast enhancer in in-vivo imaging, Nano-Theranostics, drug delivery, and sensing transducer matrix. It also discusses the current research on designing of the new Nanobiomaterials and their implementation in numerous fields including bio-medicine and diagnostics. Finally, it summarizes the future prospects and the commercial viability of Nanobiomaterials in the human health care.

    Chapter 1. Nanomaterials, classifications, and properties
    Chapter 2. Engineering nanomaterials for bio-interfacing
    Chapter 3. Biomaterials and surface modification strategies
    Chapter 4. Nano materials as a nanotheronostic agent
    Chapter 5. Nanobiomaterials in biomedicine: Designing strategies and critical concepts
    Chapter 6. Phytofabricated nanodelivery systems: Engineering principles and applications
    Chapter 7. Nanobiosensors based diagnostics system: Transducers and surface materials
    Chapter 8. Nanobiomaterials and nanocomposites in clinical diagnostics
    Chapter 9. Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicines based on nanobiomaterials
    Chapter 10. Prospects and advantages of microfluidics utilizing various nanobiomaterials
    Chapter 11. Electrochemical nanoengineered sensors in infectious disease diagnosis
    Chapter 12. Multiplexing utilizing various nanobiomaterials
    Chapter 13. Future perspects of nanobiomaterials in human health care
    Chapter 14. Commercial aspects of nanobiomaterials: Short-coming and future aspects.
    Digital Access Springer 2020