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    edited by Robin Haring, Ilona Kickbusch, Detlev Ganten, Matshidiso Moeti.
    Summary: Global health is a rapidly emerging discipline with a transformative potential for public policy and international development. Emphasizing transnational health issues, global health aims to improve health and achieve health equity for all people worldwide. Its multidisciplinary scope includes contributions from many disciplines within and beyond the health sciences, including clinical medicine, public health, social and behavioral sciences, environmental sciences, economics, public policy, law and ethics. This large reference will offer up-to-date information and expertise across all aspects of global health and will help readers achieve a truly multidisciplinary understanding of the driving forces, dynamics, and models in healthcare, as well as the biological, clinical, socioeconomic and environmental drivers impacting global health disorders and challenges. As a fully comprehensive, state-of-the-art reference that can be updated periodically, over time, as the data and drivers change, Global Health will be an important, dynamic resource to provide context for global health clinical care, organizational and state decision-making, and overall public policy on many levels. Physicians (both research and practice-oriented), trainees, medical students, health economists, environmental scientists, social scientists from a range of disciplines working in the field of health and illness (both practitioners and at the university / graduate program level), public policy and law students and professionals, and allied health trainees and practitioners will find this work of great value. .

    Global Health
    Definition, Principles & Drivers
    Globalization & Global Health
    Impact, Trends & Consequences
    Urbanisation & Cities as Drivers of Global Health
    Aging & Global Health
    Cultural Diversity & Global Health
    Digital Transformation & Global Health
    Study Designs in Global Health Research
    Epidemiological Methods & Measures in Global Health Research
    Quantitative Methods in Global Health Research
    Qualitative Methods in Global Health Research
    Mixed-methods in Global Health Research
    Accountability & Aid Effectiveness Research in Global Health
    Global health project design, monitoring & evaluation
    Causal inference in global health epidemiology
    Evidence synthesis in global health epidemiology
    Disease surveillance & monitoring: Epidemic diagnosis & control
    Dynamics of disease occurence & transmission
    Epidemiological transition & changing pattern of disease
    Demographic approaches to population dynamics
    Population mortality & global causes of death
    pattern & trends
    Global Migration & Population Health
    Population health dynamics & fertility: pattern, predictors & projections
    Global burden of CVD
    prevalence, pattern & trends
    Global burden of COPD
    prevalence, pattern & trends
    Global burden of Cancer
    prevalence, pattern & trends
    Global burden of Alzheimer & other dementias
    Global burden of Diabetes Mellitus
    Global burden of Road injury.
    Digital Access Springer 2020